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Heroin Addiction Is One Of The Deadliest Addictions

Even as the number of heroin rehab centers available for addicts increases, heroin addiction continues to be one of the deadliest addictions in the whole world. What makes heroin addiction so deadly for users? Not only is heroin dangerous because it is extremely addictive, but heroin users are also at risk for experiencing a heroin overdose, contracting HIV, AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases through sharing needles, as well as having severe health complications, including coma and death. After heroin is consumed, either by being injected or inhaled, it enters the brain and is turned into morphine. Heroin then binds to receptors in the brain and users will experience an euphoric rush. As heroin use continues, users will build a tolerance and require an increase needed in the amount of heroin to achieve the same effect; this increases the addiction strength and chances for overdose. An addiction to heroin also has life threatening effects on the user’s body. These effects include, but are not limited (Read More....)