Are We Being Poisoned?

We are being poisoned. It is not a deliberate thing. There is no conspiracy. It has brought entire empires to their knees in the past. The nature of the beast is we are being poisoned from a number of sources. Here are some of those sources:

Poison Number One. Dental work. Our dentists have been putting mercury fillings in our mouths for generations. If you were in the military and got fillings, chances are you have these mercury fillings in your mouth. They cause vapors in your mouth that go directly into your blood stream. I remember after service being very paranoid about a lot of things. Gradually it went away. I had stomach problems as well. I have now traced it back to those fillings that are still in my mouth many years later. Somewhere down the road, these will teeth will have to be removed.

A lot of […]

18 Natural Remedies for Common Ailments

There are a few things that happen to all of us in our lifetimes. From brain freeze to having an arm fall asleep to having a stuffy nose, we all seem to suffer from the same ailments. Here are some fun and natural ways to fight back without medication or hardship. These easy tips will leave you wondering how you ever got along without them!

1. Tickle in your throat – We all have times that our throat tickles and itches for apparently no reason. This is frustrating and irritating to say the least. A great remedy for this is to scratch your ear. By stimulating the nerves in your ear you create a reflex in your throat that can cause a muscle spasm that will relive the tickle. It seems like an odd combination, but it does work!

2. Hear clearer –Having trouble hearing and understanding someone who is […]

Ethics And Our Drug Companies

We have a little problem with ethics. The problem is companies that promote their drugs with “scientific” reports from people on their payroll. These people do not tell you they are on the payroll of a major drug company. But they do profit from the experience. Also they debunk valid scientific research and that research normally blows the whistle on the drug companies.

I have been type II diabetic for close to 15 years that I know about. Probably it has gone on for a lot longer than that. It simply wasn’t discovered.

I have one of the best doctors in this area. He is a small man. Thin. And his brother is also type II diabetic the same as I am. Understandably with a family history, he has devoted time on this subject. I like the guy. He also has a teen. She is into art cartoons. Most […]

Clean Your Body Of Toxins Naturally- 4 Organic Body Cleansing Agents

When you need to clean your body out of the toxins that we are all exposed to every day but you want to do it naturally, what do you turn to? There are several natural and organic ingredients that can help you to detoxify your body and live a cleaner, more natural life. Here are some of the most common:

1. Burdock Root – Long used in both Asian and European cultures, the root of the leafy green Burdock plant is known to cleanse the blood and also increase sweating, aiding in the natural removal of toxins from the body. It can be eaten whole and is common in many traditional Asian dishes. However, most Burdock root is consumed for medicinal purposes in dried and ground capsule form.

2. Chamomile Flower – Widely used as a calming alternative to tea, delicate Chamomile flowers have other medicinal qualities beyond just the […]

Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy

As my children were growing up both my husband and I were working. Just like you I hated it when the children got sick because you feel so helpless. In turn it is not much fun being the mom and getting sick since (unless you are on your death bed) this is a job that does not stop. Any sick family member puts a cog in the wheel and it’s always better to take preventative measures than to deal with a full-fledged outbreak. Because, as we all know, when one family member goes down the dominoes start to fall. Most of what I am writing about is common sense but sometimes when things get busy in our hurried day to day lives we do not think about the simple things.

1. Everyone Gets Enough Sleep – This seems simple but the busier our lives get and the more we try […]

Are You Anemic?

Anemia is a medical condition characterized by the body’s inability to transport oxygen to your tissues due to an insufficient amount of healthy red blood cells. There are many causes of anemia, some of which can be serious, according to Mayo Clinic physicians, so it’s important to see a doctor for testing as soon as you develop symptoms that could signal anemia.

Many individuals suffer from anemia at some time in their lives, with women having higher occurrences of it. This is often due to the fact that women menstruate and can sometimes lose lots of blood, which could eventually lead to anemia. Another reason why more women suffer from anemia is the fact that women bear children, and pregnancy can really deplete a woman’s iron stores, leaving her iron deficient, and therefore anemic.

What are the symptoms of anemia?

Sometimes in the beginning, anemia doesn’t always cause any noticeable […]