Building an Indoor Fitness Center

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If you are like a lot of people, you want and need to be more active. Even if you have the best ergonomic chair in your office, sitting in it for nine hours a day isn’t the best thing for your body.  A sedentary job or lifestyle is a risk factor for obesity, cardiovascular disease, kidney stones, deep vein thrombosis (blood clots), diabetes, depression and anxiety. Busy daily living makes building an indoor fitness center an ideal solution to your need for increased physical activity that is economical, convenient and close at hand.


One of the most important aspects of your fitness center or home gym is location. You need a dedicated space for exercise equipment. A spare bedroom, large section of the basement or even a corner of your garage can all be transformed into your indoor fitness center. Choose a location that will fit all the equipment you plan to put there, preferably somewhere convenient but still out of the way to provide some privacy, with natural light if possible. If the space you have to use for your fitness center is dark or dingy, lighten it up by painting the walls a light color and adding bright lighting.


The floor in your indoor fitness center is an important feature for your comfort and convenience. If you are setting up in a garage or basement with a cement floor, thick rubber matting makes your space easier on the joints and the eyes. If your space has ceramic tiled floors, bamboo mats or thick area rugs will warm up the space and give you some traction during activities.


Your fitness plans and your budget will determine what kind of equipment you use to set up your fitness center. Good exercise equipment to consider includes treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers, weights and punching bags. New treadmills and steppers cost between $500 and $2,500, depending on the features that are included. New exercise bikes cost between $300 and $1,500, also depending on features included. Weights and weight machines vary greatly in pricing, depending on whether you prefer weight sets and benches or weight resistance machines. A punching bag with a stand can cost around $375. Budget-conscious fitness center builders can look for good quality used fitness equipment.


A few key pieces of fitness equipment are the foundation of your indoor fitness center, but you’ll want accessories in your exercise space to make it more attractive and to be able to vary your activities. Add ambiance to your space with a few large houseplants like palms and ferns, a few wall to ceiling mirrors and a music station to play your favorite jams while working out. Fitness accessories you may want to add include an exercise or yoga mat, boxing gloves or knuckle protectors if you use a punching bag, a TV with a DVD player to play your favorite workout videos or watch your favorite shows while working out and dumbbells and fitness bands.

Tips for Building Your Indoor Fitness Center

Before you purchase any fitness equipment or accessories, make a plan. Choose and prepare your space, make a list of equipment you want, and review your budget. Talk to friends and family about their fitness activities and favorite equipment. Compare prices and sales on the fitness equipment you want before purchase.


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