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An Avalanche Of Reports Of Adverse Reactions To The H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine – And Yet World Health Authorities Continue To Insist That It Is Safe

Adverse Reactions To The H1N1 Swine Flu VaccineIs The Swine Flu Vaccine SafeIs the swine flu vaccine safe?  Only a small portion of the population has been vaccinated in most areas so far, and yet already there is an avalanche of reports of adverse reactions to the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.  Reports are pouring in from all over the world even though the mainstream media seems extremely hesitant to report on these cases.  You see, most of the time the mainstream media doesn’t want to report on a “rare” reaction to the H1N1 swine flu vaccine because they do not want to “alarm” the public.  The feeling in the mainstream media is that the benefits of being vaccinated far outweigh the risks.  Of course that is a complete load of nonsense.  When you read the reports of adverse reactions to the vaccine in this article, keep in mind that the majority of vaccine side effects such as autism, neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, paralysis, infertility and cancer can take weeks or months to show up.  To have so many reports of adverse reactions show up so early is a very troubling sign – and yet world health authorities continue to insist that the H1N1 swine flu vaccine is perfectly safe.

Well, if you read our previous article entitled “Shocking H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Miscarriage Stories From Pregnant Women“, you would already know that the swine flu vaccine is most definitely NOT safe for pregnant women.

But is it safe for the population as a whole?


Even the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is openly admitting that “there’s no vaccine, there’s nothing, that is 100 percent safe”.

But do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Consider that question as you read the following reports from the mainstream media about adverse reactions to the H1N1 swine flu vaccine…..

-A 14 year old boy who lives in Virginia is struggling to walk after coming down with a reported case of Guillain-Barre syndrome just hours after receiving the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

-Although only a very small percentage of the French populaton has been vaccinated, one young woman in France has already been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome after taking the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

-At one school in Sweden where the students were mass vaccinated with the Pandemrix H1N1 swine flu vaccine, 130 of the 233 students at the school called in sick the day after the vaccination.

-Nine students in Mississippi were recently rushed to the hospital after experiencing severe reactions to the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

-One child in Michigan was recently left paralyzed after taking the FluMist H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

-A 21 month boy in Germany has died a horrible death after getting the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

-In Canada, one man’s 17 month old son developed a fever the day after receiving the swine flu shot and suffered a seizure four days later and was rushed to hospital.

-In Brooklyn, one six year old girl with epilepsy was given the H1N1 swine flu vaccine without permission and she reacted so severely to it that she ended up in the hospital.

-A major German newspaper is actually admitting that at least seven people have died so far in Germany following an injection with the H1N1 swine flu vaccine Pandemrix.

-A 4 year old boy in Sweden was reportedly on the edge of death after taking the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

-Officially, a total of 8 people have died from the H1N1 swine flu vaccine so far in Sweden.

A third woman in Portugal has lost her baby after taking the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

-The Jerusalem Post recently reported on the death of a 75-year-old man two days after he had received the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

-The Chinese government is admitting that two people have died in China after receiving domestically manufactured H1N1 swine flu vaccines.

-A 42 year old Canadian woman who had been vaccinated for the H1N1 swine flu has now died from the virus.

-Another woman in Canada collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital in a stretcher after getting injected with the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

-At least 10 people in the Northwest Territories have reported allergic reactions to the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

-A journalist working for the German news magazine Der Spiegel reported that he became extremely ill with an extremely high fever, chills and severe nausea just days after receiving a swine flu vaccine.

But the reports above are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are a whole lot more problems that we aren’t hearing about. 

For example, the following are actual reactions to the seasonal flu vaccine and to the H1N1 swine flu vaccine as reported by a registered nurse in Nashville, Tennessee…..

*Regular Flu Vaccine- Two hours after administration, the patient had a severe burning sensation in their hands and feet, headache, and nausea/vomiting.

*Regular Flu Vaccine- Numbness of the arm where the shot was administered for two days.

*Regular Flu Vaccine- Increased/abnormal pain with rash at the injection site for two to three days.

*Regular Flu Vaccine- Approximately two to three weeks after vaccination, the patient experienced Bell’s Palsy. Bell’s Palsy is a condition in which the patient experiences facial drooping/paralysis due to malfunction/inflammation of cranial nerve VII. The patient also experienced body aches, headache, and malaise for 1-2 weeks. Bell’s Palsy is idiopathic/ cryptogenic in nature, and a diagnosis is formed after ruling out other possibilities. The patient’s physician stated that the Regular Flu Vaccine could have caused the Bell’s Palsy.

*Swine Flu Vaccine- Increased Body aches, nausea/vomiting, and headache for 2 weeks for two separate patients.

*Regular Flu Vaccine- I spoke with an older African American male about his grandfather…He stated his grandfather was a perfectly healthy fellow who took no daily medicines and had no medical conditions. The grandfather took his first Seasonal Flu Vaccine at the age of 70 and died two days afterwards. This also happened to my great grandfather as explained to me by my grandmother. Both seasonal flu victims were healthy with no medical conditions, took no daily prescribed medicines, were elderly but phsycially fit and died with 2-3 days of vaccination.

*Regular Flu Vaccine- Chest pain, nausea/vomiting, and severe headache was a complaint of multiple patients…occurring within 3-6 hours of administration.

Not only can the swine flu vaccine cause horrific side effects, but for some people it can even mean potential death.  A 4 year old boy from Rochester, Minnesota almost died after getting the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.  Just check out the video news report below….

A couple of readers on our sister site, Bird Flu Pandemic, have also reported severe reactions to the H1N1 swine flu vaccine…..


My friend was diagnosed w/GBS today. She had the H1N1 vaccine on Tuesday. She woke up friday morn. with one side of her face paralized, now almost her whole face is paralized. She is starting blood and plasma transfusions tonight. She will be transferred to Barnes hospital soon for more extensive testing. To those who laugh at the severity of this strange, unknown sickness and vaccine I hope you stay informed and not ignorant.


I am a healthcare employee…..the only vaccine offered to employees was the live vaccine. I decided to get it and be the “guinea pig” instead of my toddler. Received the nasal spray on Tuesday, woke up Wednesday with a sore throat and stuffy nose, Thursday had a terrible chest congestion/cough with fever and splitting headache, Friday all symptoms were worse and I couldn’t breathe! I was diagnosed on Friday with H1N1 and pneumonia….. good thing I got the vaccine, huh?

On another blog, one reader reported a very sad H1N1 swine flu vaccine horror story…..


Amy got her H1N1 flu shot today and had a nasty reaction. Just wanted to let everyone know so they can beware if and when you get yours. I am not getting one myself.

She lost her hearing, got diarreah, felt like she was going to pass out, heart heart was very racey, she felt like she couldn’t breath, she was slurring her speech, her head felt very blurry/foggy etc.. She really did not want to get it to begin with and the doctor talked her into it. She said she will not get it again that’s for sure. She said she thought she was gonna die. And as if she had a stroke. She is fine now but it took awhile for her to feel better. They kept her in the office for a while to keep an eye on her.

The following reports are from one site that has been documenting reactions to the H1N1 swine flu vaccine in Canada…..


So the call Aaron got Wed about the 18 yr. old Scott who had a stroke!!!! I talked to the girlfriends mom Kerrie who is our friend. He is still in a coma. They said it is bacterial, and brought in a specialist from the states. He is bleeding from his brain, and many internal organs. Last night Kerrie left me a message saying the doctors, and specialist have spoken with the parents and admitted it is due to the h1n1 vaccine!!!!!!!!!!!!!


” i heard some of the nurses and staff talking today about kids who have gotten the h1n1 shot….i think a boy under or just 2 died from the shot (I will ask around for confirmation), and a lot of kids have gotten really sick from the shot, some kids have gotten swine flu from the shot. i talked to 4 people today that got the shot and got really super sick. i’ve been here since thursday…i went to my OB’s clinic and they are giving out shots to pregnant women in the clinic, and the place was packed. they have tried to vax me 3 times but i have refused!”


a friend of mine today shared that her daughters friend ( a teenager) had taken the vax, and that same day she was bathing and became instantly ill… she felt light headed to the point of passing out, couldn’t communicate, managed to get her house coat on, head spinning and got down stairs opened the front door so she could yell out for help because she didn’t know what was happening to her. she passed out at the door.

The following reports are from a Facebook group called “h1n1 Vaccine Reactions”…..

Pamela Genge-Way:

I had my vacine last friday around 2:00pm and around 10:00 that night, I started breaking out in hives. Have never had hives before this. All the hives started joining together, crazy itchy!!!! I was like I had a sunburn over my whole body. Started to swell in the arm, hands, legs, feet, chin, and lip. My feet is still swollen, but not itchy now. Thank God!!!

Melissa Steinhart:

My 3 yr old got the shot, 2 days later came down with a runny nose, high fever (103) and massive headache. 36 hours later, the fever went away, but the headache remained. No one at her school was sick or is sick, so I know it was this shot. NO WAY am I getting the 2nd one..

Heather Noëll:
I have a friend who’s elderly aunt received the H1N1 vaccination and then died of swine flu two weeks ago.
Sheryl Colbourne:
My 10 month old son had his needle on Sat morning… 9 hours later he developed a Fever of 100-102 and very soar leg, didnt want to walk or crawl.
Jennifer Griffith:
My doctor is treating a 4 yr old who was perfectly healthy before he got the Swine/H1N1 vaccination a few weeks ago. His brain swelled, and he was given 2 weeks to live as his body is shutting down. As of today he’s alive, but my doctor is not sure if he’s going to make it.
Lisa Engle:
ran into a mom who was LIVID after vaccinating her son last week. his arm is still swollen and splotchy, he’s had a fever and been vomiting since.

Mona Tannous:

Took my 2 yr and 10 month for shot yesterday. My 10 moths seems ok with no reaction. My 2 yr daughter didnt sleep all night. Started with very sore arm and I think joint pain since she was pointing to her knees. Then she started low grade fever. She vomitted. Then she woke up again complaining of stomach pain and vomitted another time!

After reading these stories, are you sure that you want to get yourself injected with the H1N1 vaccine? Thanks to the U.S. Congress, if you live in the United States and you get the swine flu vaccine you cannot sue anyone if something goes wrong. You alone will be responsible. Are you sure that you want to have a toxic stew that could include mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, Triton X100 and Polysorbate 80 (among other goodies) injected directly into your bloodstream?

Are you sure?

  • Lee

    Thanks for this, I’ve done a video for you on my You Tube channel, where I also have stacks of others, mainly got nearly all the cases here already covered.

  • Paul

    When such findings are written by a doctor they are called case histories and data. Looks like when the victims themselves writes them they are, in this case, ignored. Anecdotally, I know of three people who got the H1N1 shot, all got sick right afterwards -fortunately nothing too serious. I know of no one who has gotten sick from H1N1. Something is seriously wrong with this risk to benefit picture
    Paul from The Skeptic’s Health Journal Club

  • Sam Snow

    A good friend of mine, after getting the swine flu vaccine, got a pain in his arm so severe it kept him awake all night. And he said he felt very ill for a couple of days. His sister also felt very ill after having this vaccine. What concerns me most are the long-term effects which, at present, we don’t know of.

  • Ana

    This is an awsome video with clearand to the point info about the H1N1 vax.
    0r just google “Camapans contra la gripe A” It has english subtitles

  • dayotomus

    I had a regular flu shot in 2008,
    with in a week I started haveing
    problems,started makeing noises and uncontroled body movements that I had never had before, doc says I have tourettes, after I heard the stories about other people and flu shots and checked, within a week.

  • Tyranny

    Thank-you to this site and The Power Hour and others Let’s all get the truth out.

  • Lynn

    Please see my website for PRINTABLE VACCINE INFORMATION (ingredients, package inserts etc) just look at the sidebar CLICK AND PRINT and GO armed with information

  • JZucker

    I was a victim of the vaccination campaign in 1976. After getting the shot I laid on my apartment floor unable to move when I was found the doctor said I suffered from brain inflammation caused by the vaccination. Visit my site for info on how you can receive help from these toxic shots.

  • Delsey

    In the 50s and early 60s they were recommending thalidomide fro pregnant women with morning sickenss. We all know how that turned out!

  • 59Ballons

    Whoa! After my mom sent me this, I cant believe it!!!!!!! I am so not getting that nasty vaccination!

  • Jen St.

    I live in Portugal and 2 miscarriages have made the news. The women were both in there 32nd week of pregnancy, and they received the H1N1 shot, 2 and 3 days before. The doctors told them it was “unlikely” even though they were both healthy pregnancies until that point.
    A friend in the US has a doctor for a friend that suffered a severe reaction after getting it. He said, “I’ll never get a flu shot again.”
    My Grandmother had a flu shot a few years ago, and within a week after, had a small stroke. I tried to tell her it was probably from that, but her doctor said “unlikely” so she ignored it and listened to him. Another friend just reported this same thing happened to her grandmother last week.
    I suffered Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis after the shots before entering Kindergarten. Doctors just told my Mother it was a random occurrence.
    My best friend’s son is now autistic developing symptoms right after vaccination.
    2 women in my Homeschool group have autistic children after receiving their shots.
    I had another friend with a niece who started getting Grande Mal seizures immediately following vaccination.
    All of these cases I have told you about, will probably not be reported. Mine included as it has been over 26 years, and I cannot get any records to state my case.
    All I can do is take a stand and inform.


    In Portugal, between Saturday November 14 to Monday November 16, two women who were both pregnant at 34 weeks had miscarriages within 3 days of getting the H1N1 vaccine. Before even doing an autopsy on the “fetuses” the doctors denied that there would be any connection to the vaccine. And that if there were a connection it would be the “first in the world”. More like it would be the first doctor to admit it!

  • kate

    o god, yes, okay okay okay, some people have reactions. we already know that. the government knows that, it’s on their site for god’s sake. and there is always a risk with every single shot you get. h1n1 isn’t somehow more risky then any shot you ever had.

    i’m sick of people whinning about this. the funny part is that the people who whine about it have clearly benifitted from shots in the past – ie, polio, tetnus, etc. if it weren’t for vaccines, you people wouldn’t even be here to whine and comaplain, cause you’d be dead.

    its a spoiled, western viewpoint. easy for us to complain here in the developed world. do you have any idea what people would give in developing countires for vacines like that? when i was in cambodia, my boyfriend (who was cambodian) had a brother who died because he stepped on a nail, and got tetnus. in africa kids die every single day from shots we had as kids.

    everyone who is complaing about this shot is a spoiled, whiny, westerner.

    try leaving your own country, seeing something of the world, watching children in rural china die of fevers and diseases we’ve erradicated because of vaccines, and then see if you’re still whinning about the h1n1 shot.

  • Maureen Burke

    My family has a long history of vaccine injuries that are not reported as vaccine injuries. The list includes three cases of GBS in same family. My mom got her H1N1 shot on Monday of last week. She is high risk health care worker..I begged her not to get shot. But she did anyway to protect her residents. She thought she may be getting a cold on Wed. She went into resp and cardiac arrest on Sat. They say double pnumonia. septic. She has been on life support for the last five days. She is not breathing on her own, she is in medically induced heavy sedation/coma. One has something to do with the other..what does it take to get medically advised not to take these damn shots???

  • Bob Andolina

    Remember, they all say that people with poor immune systems are the most at risk. So why not build your immune system instead of always being told to get a shot of this or that?

    Visit the product that was introduced by Dr. Kojima who discovered interferon and its crucial role in building the body’s immune response in 1954.

    Since then, he has dedicated 40 years to finding a way to boost interferon production NATURALLY in the body. His patented botanical blend is found here

  • Dr. R Schell

    Meanwhile, a student of mine (her whole family, kids, husband) actually HAD the swine flu (without getting the vaccine) and reported that is wasn’t even as bad as regular seasonal flu. Thanks for the hype, gov’t….

  • Bruce N. Solotoff

    My son goes to college in Colorado. For about 2 weeks a lot of kids were coming down with the flu. This is prior to the vaccine being available. The big scare was H1N1. What happened? Those infected were asked to stay in their dorm rooms till they got better. Took an average of about a week. Then they were back in business. Everyone is fine now, with stronger immune systems no less. There is LOTS of evidence vaccines aren’t necessary and worse, are harmful.

    Plenty of material on this site about the truth of vaccines. H1N1 at the top.

  • JG

    KATE… Vaccines would be great if they are safe. We need GREEN vaccines. We dont need mercury, aluminum, msg, aborted fetal cells …in VACCINES!!
    Do you get it??
    Our kids today get over 30 VACS… when I was a kid I got about 8! And I’m healthy!
    Dont you see all this excessive vaccines are a way to make tons of money for BIG PHARMA!
    Wake up!
    There has to be a solution!
    We have to fight for safety! Not just say… oh take this and risk it! NO WAY!
    You risk it!

  • Peg

    You give no scientific evidence of what you’re reporting. You are sensationalizing the reports that you’re getting. The percentage of reactions is, according to your article minimal – and not proven to be actually adverse reactions directly linked to the vaccines – could be coincidental. Just because the authorities correctly state that nothing is 100%, doesn’t mean the public should ignore the probability of being safe-guarded. Also, how many of these deaths or illnesses were not from the vaccine, but from the flu itself, contracted prior to receiving the vaccine? No vaccine is purported to be a cure for an illness, simply a way to prevent the illness after vaccination. And H1N1 vaccine takes 14 days to be effective, so the flu can be contracted in that time period.

  • http://none ROLAND

    Some people need to be put out of their misery and the pharma industry got their ‘card blanche’, (bush)!

    However, everyone now has to take their own responsibility for themselves! SO –

    take this responsibility seriously and REFUSE THE SHOT!

  • Alison

    u people are an utter disgrace. seriously, stop publishing one-sided propagandist information. it’s ridiculous and dangerous and you should be ashamed of your ignorance. People like you are the reason America is in a great intellectual decline.

  • Diane

    To those that think we are stupid to say “Wait a minute, how will this vaccine affect us later on in life?” needs to take there head out of there asses and look at it properly. Our bodies have the ability to fight infections on its own, but once we overload our liver with sugar, high fats, chemicals, etc… We’re braking down our autoimmune system. So the point I’m getting at is….if these vaccines have ingredients that will damage our internal organs, why should we blindly have the H1N1 shot because the government says it’s ok. What other drugs the government have said where ok and all of a sudden they’re off the shelves and lawsuits are coming up left, right and centre………Really Alison and Peg, think about it????

  • Rai

    Ive red all these posts and I have to say, When your doctor is telling you that your very ill BECAUSE OF the vaccine then do you really think that its a good idea to get it?
    Yes the tetnis shot and some others I would have to say im very happy they have out…BUT they have been tested and around for a long time so we know the long term effects, And the benifits to these shots are greater than the downfalls. Plus the risks to those shots are not half as great as this new UNTESTED h1n1 shot..So, yes the people who decided to go and get this shot that was their choice. But maybe instead of the media making this seem like the worlds going to end over this shot wasn’t the right thing to do, they should have informed the people about it and given them the choice..Not try and scare the world into getting this potentially very harmfully shot!

  • BB

    Myself as well as everyone in our small town has had there h1n1 shot with no adverse affects, it has been almost a month and our population of 5000 plus surrounding areas so around 10-15000 people and everyone is fine. I think people who write bad stuff about the vaccination are uneducated about the reality of how far science has come. Posting information with no way to back it up is worse then the media hype about the virus itself.. No wonder people are afraid to help stop the spread of a diease that could potentially mutate and kill millions.

  • Tmlynn

    Dear BB,

    Your post is very misleading. So you are saying EVERYONE that has a reaction and or dies is lying about the fact that they JUST GOT the H1N1 shot prior??? Are you saying every single person got the H1N1 shot in your town?? How is that possible?? Did everyone report back 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month later to say how well they are doing?? EVERYONE???

    The H1N1 vaccine has not been tested and we have no idea what the long term effects are going to be. But we are already seeing terrible reactions and deaths, just like in 1976, where we had more damage done from the vaccine than from the virus itself.

    Plant your seeds somewhere else BB~

  • Christiangel

    To the people here who still believe in vaccines – get a clue. They are a way to CAUSE disease – always have been. They have never been proven to help anyone.

    And the people who are TRULY the stupid ones are the people who believe what our government TELLS them to believe. For once, open your eyes and use your brain. Things are not as they appear. Think OUTSIDE your government box and find out the truth! The whole purpose of the vaccinations is to kill off the “useless eaters” – that means YOU!

  • zack

    i wont get the shot, i had the H1N1, i rested up and i feel great, i know many people that got the shot and are very sick now. i made the better choice. get the shot, dont get the shot, just do what you want to do and dont let people from both sides persuade you into a bad choice. this is just medical politics.

  • Angel

    BB….are you a flack for the Industry?
    Remind me to not move to your town, please. Ignorance is bliss, education and awareness could save your life. Do some research….education is POWER..

  • TikiTDO

    Before replying to this post, please read the full thing. I know that a few of you will be insulted, and will want to yell at me and call me a horrible person; I still ask for enough respect to read and understand what I have to say before throwing insults.

    Reading this article, and the comments posted in reply, makes me think of popular scare tactics, and knee-jerk reactions that are so prevalent in modern media. This is the same tactic people like Glenn Beck use to capture an audience. The article, and comments exclusively present a single point of view as gospel, while rudely accusing anyone presenting a contrasting viewpoint of being a “flack for the Industry.” This accusation is laughable for reasons I will get into later, but this tactic also serves to turn away any reasonable debate, since the accused is usually a normal person that wanted to inject some contrasting view points into what should be a reasonable debate. This sort of person will often rather leave you to build up your own worst case scenario, instead of trying to address your concerns, while putting up with constant harassment.

    For full disclosure, I am a computer engineer, and I came here from a comment to a HuffPost article about the H1N1 Vaccine. The tone of the post I used to get here was not positive, instead it was trying to illustrate the strange things that certain groups will believe, and how little data is used to establish that belief. I say this not because I agree or disagree with it, but to illustrate the popular view regarding your site. The reason I can claim that a representative of the industry would not post here is simple; corporate politics. If you were a company making a vaccine, it would not benefit you in any way to acknowledge or address any group that the majority of the population would consider on the fringe. Unfortunately, this article would fall into that category on most mainstream websites. For a company to acknowledge a fringe group would be synonymous to them acknowledging that there is a problem. This is very bad for business. Further, even if they were to successfully alleviate all of your concerns, you are such a small group of people that they would not stand to gain anything from the effort. It is obvious that the vaccine is already in high demand, so a few extra people will not add much more to their profits. I would even to as far as to say that posting on here might be bad for your long term employment in a pharmaceutical company.

    You say ignorance is bliss; well, I invite you to leave your comfort zone, and understand all of the contrary data. I do not ask you to acknowledge that it is correct, but instead to go through and understand what it means. A common statistic I hear thrown around is that 6 people out of 100,000 show adverse effects to the vaccine. Now, I will agree that 6 people is 6 too many, but you must ask yourself, without the vaccine, what percentage of people would be even more negatively affected? It only stands to reason, after all, that the vaccine would do what it was designed to do, namely improve your immune response to the H1N1 virus. There would not be any reason at all to release it otherwise. It is also a known statistic that a certain percentage of the population will get sick, and die from H1N1. Even with some people reporting that it is milder than a normal seasonal flu, it is still a dangerous infectious disease. So now, you are left with a difficult choice. Do you accept the natural flu deaths, or do you take the adverse effects.

    Let me illustrate the problem with a simple example. Let us say that without vaccination 10 (made up number) of 100,000 people will die from the swine flu, however with the vaccine only 5 (also made up number) of 100,000 will die from the side effects. In this scenario banning the vaccine will cost you 5 more lives than accepting it. These statistics do not make the loss any easier, but they illustrate the difficult questions that must be faced by the people at the top. There are also calls for a greener vaccine, but therein lies another set of problems. Do we have the technology to make the green vaccine, especially in sizable quantities? If this technology does not exist, then clearly your choice is the current vaccination, or none at all. Also, can you make the green vaccine at a profit or at least break even? This is a tough question, and for a lot of people even asking it is wrong, but consider this. You must manufacture 100,000,000 doses of the vaccine. Now let us say that each dose of a green vaccine costs you $100, but the government has offered to pay you $90 each. If you go ahead, and make the green vaccine, your company will need to eat a $10 * 100,000,000 = $1 billion cost. No one is going to be able to do this, least of all a company that needs to answer to its shareholders.

    By contrast, reality may be a different scenario. What if each vaccine actually cost $50 to make, but you charge the government $90. You would now be making an 80% profit. It is this sort of behavior that needs to be stamped out. The existence of a vaccine you don’t like, while not perfect, should not be the focus of your campaign. Instead, you should see its existence and popularity as a sign that you are not doing enough to ensure there is a safer replacement.

    So again, these questions, and the answers you may receive are certainly not easy. There are so many factors to consider, such as global health, environmental impact, health impact, social impact, media and public relations, and countless other variables. To present the issue as a question of the good green side vs the bad vaccine is doing a disservice not only to the people that spent years working on this technology, but also to yourself and to society. If you were to put the effort you currently put into the green campaign to rationally approach the people in power, and calmly present your cases, as well as any possible solutions, you will find that a lot more gets accomplished.

    So, in conclusion. You would be much better served addressing your concerns in a rational, well formed debate. One of the key requirements to succeed is to come of not as confrontational, but as reasonable, and concerned. I see a lot of people with interesting things to say; cases that may truly be related to problems with the vaccine, and real concern regarding toxicity and effect. However, I also see a lot of pointless bashing: hate for doctors that prescribe the vaccine, even if they are simply doing what they feel is best based on their education; hate for posters that dare to post a contradicting viewpoint; hate for the companies that make the vaccine, accusing them of wanting to kill everyone. Please, please understand that absolutely nothing is gained from maintaining this image of a fringe group. If you want your point addressed, you need to go mainstream, to the parts of the internet where reasoned, logical, and scientific debate is the norm. Convince those people, and your point will suddenly be taken a lot more seriously.

  • Judy Foester

    Personally, I am allergic to injected chicken protein. All these flu vaccines are prepared in chicken eggs and some chicken protein is injected in the vaccination.

    We are not whining, spoiled Westerners. The sibling children who had a severe reaction are probably allergic, like I am. I have two friends who developed Guillain Barre Syndrome in 1990 after a flu shot. Both are still severely restricted in mobility. Since the H1N1 flu is no big deal, why take the risk of injecting the antigens and the adjuvants that make the immune system react so violently. My chiropractor and her son both had swine flu and were over it in three days.

    Anyone who gets this vaccine is nuts.

  • Ronny

    My boyfriend took a flu shot a few weeks ago. I had told him about the bad reactions of both the regular and swine flu shots.
    His doc talked him into taking a shot..(not sure which one).. nevertheless a day or so later, he complained about not feeling well, all aches and misery.. Then about a week later he had a stroke. The docs couldn’t figure out why.. he was in the hospital for a week.

  • Ronny

    to continue..

    he is still not altogether well, and not able to work.

  • Pam McAuliffe

    My doctor convinced me to have the vaccine event though I wasnt keen to have it.
    Two days after I received the vaccine I developed Petechial Bleeding. At first I thought it was a rash but when I went to see my doctor he said that this is bleeding under the skin and can be caused by a virus. It can also be from having low platlets but when a blood test was done they were fine but another level of something was raised (not sure what) he will restest me in a month to see if it has gone back to normal. The rash has now gone. I also had nausea and extreme tiredness and my Meniere’s Disease (dizziness) was triggered by it.

  • Eileen

    I am about 3 months pregnant and I decided before that I would not get either flu shot. Now this did not stop the OB at my last prenatal appointment from threatening me and trying to scare my children and trying to strongarm me into getting the vaccine. I am so grateful that I stuck to my guns and am still vaccine free. The “Dr.” went so far as to tell me I would die from the virus if I didn’t get the vaccine, that the vaccine was the only way to prevent the virus, he also asked what I wanted him to tell my children when I died from NOT getting the vaccine. What is really sad is that not once was nutrition or hygiene discussed as methods of flu prevention. I am still nervous about going back to the OB.

  • Steve Gaylord

    XPC… Some farm animals get better protection! For decades, a handful of smart farmers have added a supplement known as XPC to barnyard feed instead of the antibiotics and growth hormones that commercial operators use. XPC is made from a fermented yeast which keeps the animals healthier and more productive.

    The company that makes XPC reported a “bizarre phenomenon” happening in their packing plant. Workers who came in contact with the product simply weren’t getting as sick as the office personnel—or workers nationwide. Looking deeper, they found that new employees with long histories of chronic ailments mysteriously improved after working in the dusty plant. And older employees hadn’t experienced a cold or the flu in 25 years.

    A full-scale investigation found that XPC was increasing the employees’ NK (natural killer) immune activity by a whopping 500%. XPC also possesses 300% more antioxidant power than any known food. There’s really no difference between the human version and the animal supplement—except for the price.

  • zack


    sounds kinda like the american debate on healthcare, oh wait, what debate?

  • kitten

    Eileen-get a new doctor

    I had the swine flu and so did my kids. We all made it out fine. I know a few people personally who have had the shot and are now not well. No thanks big pharma.

  • ct

    For those who say this is a bunch of hog wash and want the shot so bad, go get one. Then read Dr. Mercola and Dr. Blaylock’s opinions after your get your shot. Nobody ever says anything about prevention other than vaccinations. What about using Vitamin D3? Google that. I started taking Vitamin D3 and seldom get sick anymore. If I do, it lasts about a day. And I am around co-workers and patients with fevers, colds, and most likely the flu.

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  • Greg

    I had adverse reaction to The H1N1 Vaccine here in Fort Worth,Texas.
    I would not get the vaccine if I knew the problems with it would be as they were.

  • Annelies

    In the Netherlands, our gouverment orderd the MSM not to talk about side-effects due to the Mex. flu vaccine. Our gouverment does’nt want us to worry !!
    But……. the gouverment also ordered the MSM to exegurate the amount of people taking this shot, in the same document.

    It also happens to be that our Ab Osterhaus, personal friend of our minister of health in the Netherlands, is the leader in the world Mex. flu-scam with his 5 job’s within the WHO and many other jobs in the farmaceutical industry.

    He is now protected from the MSM, because of these alligations. I’m glad to tell you that we won’t protect this man in the Netherlands. The only one who will protect Ab Osterhaus is his personal friend, our minister of health Ab Klink and we are going to bring them down with all the prove we have.

    I have researched the Mex. flu vaccine and I asure you: this is one very onsafe and dangerous vaccine.Tested in Viro-clinics in the Netherlands. Vero-clinic’s coincidently happens to be a big part of the income of Ab Osterhaus. And of course the findings were 100% safe !!

  • Sarah Sue

    I was ill a couple of months ago (October). My doctor thought it was swine flu but I was never tested. I had a fever, chills, runny nose and sore throat. At the beginning of December I was sick again – this time it was really bad. Fever, chills, night sweats, runny nose and couldn’t really get out of bed for several days. I don’t have a spleen and have been hospitalized many times with various illnesses and this was probably the worst ever. It was even worse than my adult chicken pox (29 or 30, I think). I was given tamiflu and then had to take antibiotics when I developed a throat infection. They didn’t test then either so they said I should get the vaccine (and not just once but twice because I don’t have a spleen). I had the first vax a couple of weeks ago, two days before we went on a nice Christmas vacation to the beach. My arm was a little sore but not too bad; however, I was extremely ill on the plane – I really had to concentrate to keep from vomiting and then I had night sweats for three days. To be honest it was the exact same symptoms as the swine flu but in much milder form. After the initial illness on the plane, I was fine during the day. I’ve just taken the second shot and am happy to do it (just in case what I had before was seasonal flu). All vaccinations come with the risk of side effects and my feeling is that if the side effects are bad it just demonstrates how truly awful the actual virus is.

  • Glenn Bailey

    I got my shots, one flu in one arm and the h1n1 in the other same time.
    I was fine foe like 4 days. I have asmha and i was fine for that month before. clear on that day. so he gave me both shots. well here it is 7days later. now i have the junk in my lungs. and caulphing my head off. this time its not the dark flym. so my guess is i got the live vacine. figures.

    anyway i also have had cold chills last 2 days and nights and there geting worse. its not cold in here or at my frends. and i even had heater on me still chills.
    also headache. but i give them the doubt on that as it may be from the deep caulphing. the chills worry the heck out of me.

  • Glenn Bailey

    reply to mine. from self. okay i took my tempiture. i do have a fever. and i do have tons of flym so i blame the shots but also leave it open to fact i may have got sick from someone who speard there germs around the dr office.but the chills are fever. and i have not had a fever in years.

  • Admin


    I would go see a doctor or natual expert as quickly as possible. It should like you have got something serious.

  • Robert Wilkinson

    WOW, great post. We live in scary times and this is a WAKE UP POST, well done.
    One of your commentors mentioned Bell’s Palsy. I have had this for four years and have just developed a website for people suffering with the condition it is a free site and I shall be adding information to it every day. I hope this is of help to anyone going through Bells Palsy. Again, great post.
    Thank you

  • Caleb

    My nephew, an extremely bright young man, began telling his mom that she looked funny sometimes. When she questioned what he meant by that, he stated that sometimes her head is really big and her body smaller. This all began two weeks after receiving the H1N1 flu shot. He’s had MRI’s and cat scans done with nothing to be found. The doctors dismissed the idea that it could be from the vaccine.

    @kate- just because vaccines have eradicated some illnesses in the past does not mean that you should blindly accept a new vaccine that has been rushed to market. These are not people whining about their problems, this is people informing other people that there are great risks in taking these drugs. If you had a child that was suddenly paralyzed or began showing signs autism shortly after receiving a vaccine, I’m sure your tune would change.

  • barb

    The conspiracy theorists say that the H1N1 vaccine is part of a plot to get rid of the “useless eaters” – does make you wonder, doesn’t it?

    There is a new book out “The History of the Peanut Allergy Epidemic” by Heather Fraser. The epidemic of fatal food allergies in our children is directly caused by vaccinations. Heather’s book is available on and her website.

    For more information on the connection between vaccinations and fatal food allergies see

  • Gary

    Dianne (20th Nov 2009) and co- you are all nutbags. Lol – feeding too much sugar to the liver, “MSG” Etc. You have no idea what you are talking about. Just be quiet will you?

  • Charlie Cahill


    I got my swine flu shot here in Canada in November/09 and one week later I got Guillain-Barre Syndrome. I have been in a wheelchair for the past 3 months as the disease progressed to become CIDP (long-term GBS) and last month in hospital I was completely paralysed for two weeks. I have a minimum two years off work, maybe forever dependig on the disease outcome.

    Canada took a shortcut and ordered Arepanix H1N1 vaccine from GlaxoSmith Kline with an adjuvant (additive) containing “Squalene”. Squalene was banned by the USA in 2004 as it is considered a biological weapon that contributed to over 100,000 cases of Gulf War Syndrome, but it is still being used in our vaccines for pseudo-pandemics like H1N1, and doing more harm than good in our country.

    On top of this the Government of Canada has protected GlaxoSmith Kline for any lawsuits arising from vaccine problems, so we are left to struggle and survive on our own, and feel abandoned by our government.

  • Lori

    . I wish I never listened to the doctor’s orders.
    After receiving the swine flu vaccine I developed terrible headaches but little did I know the worst reaction had yet to come. I woke up one day and could barely speak a single word. I could not say my daughter name, speak to my husband, or talk to friends. Frankly, I could not talk to anyone without a soft whisper.

    The news came like a title wave. My right vocal cord was paralyzed! My vocal cord was unable to move, unable to vibrate, unable to swallow effectively.
    The news was devastating and the medical community tested me for every disorder under the sun only to find me perfectly healthy other than the paralysis. The swine flu vaccine paralyzed me.

    So if you’re pondering, is the vaccine safe? Is it effective? Is it necessary? I would answer a resounding NO!
    Since the majority of swine flu patients own immune system effectively fights off the flu it seems unnecessary to take a shot that could potentially disable you. It is mandatory to sign a release prior to the shot which provided immunity against any law suits that might result. That within itself was a red flag. Instead of saving my life it disabled me. In retrospect, had I got the swine flu in the first place, I’m sure I would have been speaking just fine by now.

  • carole cavanaugh

    Someone I know who was elderly received h1n1vaccine

    A few days later started to become lethargic and within 2weeks developed high fever
    Seizures and blood sugar of 903 and died within a few days. She had never had seizures or diabetes. Is it possible the vaccine had something to do with these events?

  • beth

    I received the H1N1 vaccine nov. 9th, 2009. Twenty minutes later i had dizziness, burning in brain, chest, and legs. My arms and legs went limp, having trouble breathing, . Then hospital said it was too soon to have reaction. Came home hours later with burning continuing, chills and vibration through body, trouble breathing, unable to sleep, heavy head, memory loss, loss speech, brain fog, unable to function. For months and now a year and a half later my husband and family have been taking me to doctor after doctor. They said maybe stress. I have burning still in brain, now vision problems, continued dizziness, slow mentally, hard to carry out tasks, tightness in head, lungs hurt, hair falling out, joints kill, slurred speech, weight loss now weight gain, I have seen holistic doctor whom has helped me but i will never be the same mentally as well as physically. I am mentally and physically disabled. Yet doctors say because i am experiencing different symptoms than the norm must be something else. I am a good person , a mother of 4, i was a teacher, a wife, a sister, etc, It has been the hardest year and a half of my life. I am dumfounded at the response i have received from doctors etc. ************************ would anyone wish this upon themselves. I will continue on to do the best for my family and i am definitely thankful for my life. so many have lost theirs due to this vaccination. I will continue to pray for them and their families.

  • Caitlin Yulina

    I received the H1N1 Vaccine on 9 March 2010 after trying to refuse it several times my Command (I am in the USAF) told me I was going to get an Article 15 for failure to obey a direct order. So I finally trudged down to the medical clinic on the Presidio of Monterey, CA where I was stationed and received an injection from a multidose vial in my right arm. A week later nothing had happened and I didn’t even have flu like symptoms I was beginning to think I had been concerned about nothing. Then on the 10th day after the shot I ended up in Cardiac Arrest and was rushed to the ER. Since then I end up in Cardiac distress at least once a month requiring hospitalization. I have been diagnosed with Autonomic Neuropathy which is broken into two categories POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and orthostatic Hypotension. I somehow managed to get both of these which makes for an interesting treatment process since the treatment for one triggers the symptoms for the other. I have a pre-op appointment tomorrow (Friday 21 oct 2011) to get a pacemaker. This should take out the fear of actual death from my symptoms but won’t fix my syncope or myriad of other symptoms. I am 25 years old and my future is so uncertain right now. I don’t qualify for SS disability or a pension from the AF because of my lack of years in the AF and lack of years paying into SS. I will get a check from the VA each month of 1500 but I have to live in a major city (Washington D.C.) because all my doctors are here and I can’t drive anymore due to medical factors so I have to live WITHIN the city which is expensive. Future employment is bleak since I randomly end up in the hospital monthly and have tons of medical appointments. I am everyone’s little test subject from the NIH to CDC…I am just frustrated and tired and miss the person I was before I received the vaccine.

  • http://þÿ Orval Choun

    Good site! I truly love how it is simple on my eyes and the data are well written. I am wondering how I could be notified when a new post has been made. I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed which must do the trick! Have a nice day!

  • Diana Lee Peery


    Nov. 2009 I received the H1N1 injection while working at a doctors office. I had a very bad reaction to this injection. Something in the serum reacted with something inside of me, and caused inflammation to grow in every joint in my body. I was misdiagnosed with many different problems and given treatments of all kinds. None of these treatments worked and eventually the inflammation started inside my neck. I was worried that it would eventually get to my heart and squeeze it to death. Then I found something that not only treats the symptom, but it actually goes to the root of the problem and reverses all of the damage. After four severe agonizing years I am finally living a happy, pain free life again