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9 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Eating Genetically Modified Foods

Different types of genetically modified foods are easily amiable in the market. Many people are under the opinion that consuming genetically modified foods is unsafe for humans and can cause a lot of hazards to the environment. Though a lot of studies have been carried out in this aspect, no conclusions have been reached about it. So there are no proper guidelines for selling such kinds of foods in the market. Genetically altered foods are those which are altered at the DNA level. They are modified using certain precise technology developed by the scientists. The modifications are usually done to make the foods easier to produce and market. Most of the common types of foods that are genetically modified are tomatoes, corn and soybeans to name a few. Such crops are also produced to make them pest resistant and yield more. However, there are many potential disadvantages related to the genetically modified foods. Read on to find out why avoid eating genetically modified foods.

1. Many criticisms have been leveled at the genetically modified foods. As consumers we must be aware of the possible side effects associated with them.

2. Changing the plants genetically may have some lasting effects on the ecosystem as a whole. The change done to a particular plant may cause it to be toxic for other organisms that depend on the plant.

3. The use of the insect resistant crops, the insects can become resistant to the modifications done to the crops. This results in the loss of plants and crops with natural immunity leading to biodiversity loss.

4. Cross pollination and breeding across various specious can also result in a wide range of insect resistant weeds.

5. When such modified crops are produced there may be many lawsuits on who owns the crops and the seeds. It would become very difficult to maintain the organic status of the crops and plants.

6. The biggest concern is that the genetically modified foods can induce allergies in humans. They may become allergic to a wide range of such foods that contain a gene from the allergy causing item. Example, Brazilian nut gene used in corn.

7. According to some studies, ingesting the genetically modified foods can have some effect on the digestive system too. It can also lead to food poisoning in certain cases and various other problems.

8. Another concern is that the control of such foods may be done by a few large companies since they own the genetically modified seeds. It depends on these companies how they will be using the modified seeds and crops.

9. You will actually not know what you are eating while consuming the genetically modified foods. The plants may contain animal products due to the genetic engineering. This can be a great problem to those who have religious commitments and dietary restrictions.

In a nutshell, people will not know what they are eating unless they are aware of the genetic modifications done to a particular plant or crop. Without much scientific evidence it not safe to consume such foods because there is not proper guidance or records as to what these foods are capable of doing to the body in the long run.


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