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Creating Space to Aid Healthy Decisions

Clutter in the kitchen can lead to mental clutter while you’re trying to cook a healthy dinner, especially if you’re stuck with a tiny kitchen. Eliminate the clutter to give yourself more space to make healthy decisions about dining. Start with these four tips to gain a fresh perspective on your kitchen and your overall diet.

Reduce Clutter

If you’re like most home cooks, you’ve probably got a collection of utensils, pots and pans and skillets that doesn’t really match your needs. Maybe you’ve been holding on to everything you’ve bought since college, or a collection of roommates has left behind equipment you keep for those “just in case” times. Start with an equipment cleanse to reduce what you don’t need. First eliminate equipment that’s damaged, such as utensils with melt marks or lids that don’t fit pans. Throw out nonstick pots that are damaged, as they release chemicals when heated. While nonstick equipment requires less oil, the experts go back and forth over the larger (Read More....)

Between Sandy and the Snow...

If you have checked the news recently, no doubt you have noticed it is not the best time to be living in New York or other parts of the East Coast.

Back in October, just before the presidential election, residents of New York and Long Island were graced with the presence of Superstorm Sandy, a monster of a hurricane that dealt utter destruction and flooding to low-lying coastal areas.

Just as residents began to recover from Sandy, along came a blizzard that dealt anywhere from a foot of snow in the Manhattan area to three feet of snow along Long Island and up towards Boston.

According to The New York Times, $82 billion in damage was spread among three states alone (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut), and Congress was slow to approve a $60 billion emergency-aid package. It will take plenty of time for this (Read More....)

How Much Do You Bench?

Everyone spending time in a gym will encounter the inevitable question, “how much do you bench?” The bench press is an important and powerful exercise, and you should consider the benefits of establishing a workout routine that includes the bench press.


To profit from an exercise program, you must lift heavy things. Lifting heavy things requires a lot of force and works a lot of muscle. The bench press is ideal for this purpose. Pressing heavy weight from your chest activates the more forceful, fast twitch muscles in your chest, shoulders and arms.

One of the greatest benefits from bench pressing is the metabolic effect of lifting heavy weight with a large portion of your muscle groups. The more forceful a muscle fiber, (like those in your chest,) the greater the metabolic benefit from working the muscle. Lifting heavy on the bench press is effective at triggering the hormonal reaction that burns fat and builds lean muscle mass. This is the same hormonal response that will give you the look of athletic fitness and health.

An obvious benefit of bench pressing is building upper body strength and power. Pressing those heavy weights off the chest activates and builds strength in the muscles in the upper-half of the body. Bench pressing can increase strength for better pushups, and as upper body strength grows, so does (Read More....)

Building an Indoor Fitness Center

If you are like a lot of people, you want and need to be more active. Even if you have the best ergonomic chair in your office, sitting in it for nine hours a day isn’t the best thing for your body.  A sedentary job or lifestyle is a risk factor for obesity, cardiovascular disease, kidney stones, deep vein thrombosis (blood clots), diabetes, depression and anxiety. Busy daily living makes building an indoor fitness center an ideal solution to your need for increased physical activity that is economical, convenient and close at hand.


One of the most important aspects of your fitness center or home gym is location. You need a dedicated space for exercise equipment. A spare bedroom, large section of the basement or even a corner of your garage can all be transformed into your indoor fitness center. Choose a location that will fit all the equipment you plan to put there, preferably somewhere convenient but still out of the way to provide some privacy, with natural light if possible. If the space you have to use for your fitness center is dark or dingy, lighten it up by painting the walls a light color and adding bright lighting.


The floor in your indoor fitness center is an important feature for your comfort and convenience. If you are (Read More....)

The Shortfalls Of Old Age

Authored By Dave Webb

One of the big chips in the progress of the Human Species is medicine. With successful medicine comes an increase in the aged population of the planet. Everyone of these aged individuals takes up space. A lot of them have no useful productive use anymore. A lot of them require expensive nursing facilities to survive. A lot of them have aging diseases such as Alzheimer disease. All of them eat food until they eventually succumb to one disease or another. In effect, we all age, we all deteriorate, and eventually we all die. I don’t care if you are worth 2 cents or 200 billion dollars. The same rules apply to all of us.

How we handle this problem of aging populations is going to take genius level intelligence. Most likely that will not be found in government leadership. I refer to all government, not just the government here.

The maximum amount of time given us on this planet is very variable. I think the maximum age of any individual on this planet in modern times has been 126 years and that is not documented very well. The Bible says 120 years is the maximum and I believe that might be a better answer.

Industry generally gives up on people at the age of 62-70 years of age. Though a lot of modern companies try to get rid of their (Read More....)

Go Organic When You Go Hiking

When you go hiking you often give importance to your hiking gear and shoes. You also make a checklist of what all you need to carry with you like first aid box and torch and camping equipment and so on. But you forget to give importance to the most essential part of hiking- that is food and water. Not many of us attach importance to our diet when we go to the mountains. I would like to stress here that food and water should be the most essential part of your hiking list.

I Go Organic when I hike

As a marathon runner my trainer advised me to go hiking to strengthen my thigh muscles. Thigh muscles and calf muscles play a vital part of running and so I decided to go hiking to the mountains to work them out. Since I hike for almost an hour or two the glycogen content in my body gets used up and what better way to store up glycogen by taking carbohydrates. A good carbohydrate diet consisting of organic fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes and pasta, stores up the energy for me to expel during my hiking trips.

Eating small meals from time to time and a light supper the night before you hike will take 24 hours for the food to get processed. Hydrate with pure mineral water and you can also drink liquids consisting of (Read More....)