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Medicare for All: Solution or Not?

Authored By Scott Humphrey

The idea of Medicare for all is one that meets with varied opinions and passionate responses. When President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare into law, he appealed strongly to people’s sense of decency, saying “we’ve just got to say that by God you can’t treat grandma this way!” It’s true that in those days there were shocking stories of the elderly going without care and dying in deplorable conditions without treatment. Lately, the Medicare program has been portrayed as under siege, nearly bankrupt from increased costs and decreasing revenues. But many are asking the question: “Could this work for everyone?”

Medicare for All refers to a policy of expanding Medicare into a single-payer program with no copayments or deductibles, which would then cover every US resident and be paid for with payroll taxes and perhaps some marginal (Read More....)

Yes – You ARE What You Eat

Check Your Food Labels, It May Save Your Life- Picture Credit


First of all, let me say here that we are not offering medical advice.  The information here is simply our opinion, based on our own research and experience.

If you are wondering how it has been so easy for TPTB to have turned the overwhelming majority of  American population into sheep who believe everything they are told and comply with outrageous demands and actions, it is (Read More....)

Maintaining A Healthy Balance

Losing weight, getting into shape and feeling better are the goals of many, but some take it too far. Those fighting addiction often replace food, alcohol, drug and other dangerous dependencies with a healthier, but also dangerous addiction to exercise. With the help of professional websites, such as and accountability partners, you can find a healthy balance between the four legitimate needs of your life.

Finding a balance between your legitimate needs will lead you to a better life and will ensure you don’t fall into the traps of addiction again. Addicts tend to replace one addiction with another. For example, many recovering alcoholics might start smoking, drinking coffee or may even replace alcohol with food. This can become very dangerous, especially when an addict replaces something with exercise and takes it too far.

The legitimate needs of every human being include physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Many other categories stem from these four, including occupational, environmental and social, but they all fit within these four needs. (Read More....)

3 Foods that Your Diet Cannot Do Without!

We all have a basic understanding of the foods we need to eat: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. There are ways to kick start your body, however, a lot more than normal. Give your system the healthiest shock of its life and start incorporating these three foods into your daily eating habits. All three of these foods help to lower high blood pressure too!

1.) Spinach

Where do we even begin? Let’s start with the vitamin K in spinach, which will help you fend off cardiovascular disease and stroke, and promotes a healthy nervous system and proper brain activity. Spinach can also help lower your blood pressure, and it can even aid in fighting cancer! It’s packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory capabilities, and fights off cataracts.

If you’re paying extra attention to the way you look in addition to the way you feel, then you better start eating more spinach, stat! According to Health Diaries, just one cup (Read More....)

5 Organic Ways to Revive Your Skin

Edita Vilkeviciute by Patrick Demarchelier

The fact is that dull, lifeless skin isn’t limited to a certain age group – it can afflict anyone. While there are many different factors that contribute to the overall loss of your complexion’s glow, some of the most common ones include genetics, smoking and usage of skin care products improperly.

If you want to achieve healthy skin that gets complimented on, then you need to ensure you’re following the right skin regimen and avoid certain environmental factors.

Given below are a few tips to help you revive and revitalize your skin using healthy, organic ways without having to spend gobs of money on artificial beauty treatments.

1.  Apply Yogurt: When it comes to homemade skin care, yogurt definitely stands out of the crowd. While yogurt is definitely nutritious when consumed, it also has many skin benefits when applied externally. It not only lets you moisturize your skin, but also helps in fighting acne, relieving sunburn, preventing premature aging, etc. It’s a complete beauty (Read More....)

Who Should Take Care of Your Ailing Loved One?

When you notice an aging relative’s health start to decline, you have to start considering whether it’s smart to keep them at home or whether they might belong in a nursing facility. Here are several questions you can ask yourself to figure out where this person should go.

1.) What Kind of Care Do They Need?

Sometimes, it’s not so obvious who should be caring for your loved one. Even when it is—maybe they obviously belong in a nursing home—a concerned relative or spouse will still insist on taking care of them at home. This can be dangerous, though, and you need to put the ill one’s well-being first.

What is their current condition, and are they expected to decline? What kind of procedures, medications, and machines will they need to (Read More....)