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The Secret of How Chinese Organic Tea Helps with Weight Loss!

Many people are obese and many more desire at least some weight loss. Obesity has been identified as a root cause of some serious, life-threatening diseases. So how can a person lose weight? Exercise, a healthy diet and consumption of Chinese tea can help an overweight person reach a goal.

Tea is among the most popular beverages on earth and is avidly consumed around the globe. Chinese weight loss teas are grown in the belief that the tea can increase the burning of calories. The tea also contains polyphenols, which help with the digestion of fat. Thus, Chinese tea is a great supplement when losing weight is the goal.

Chinese Teas For Weight Loss:

When it comes to weight loss, not all Chinese teas do the same job. Green tea, red tea, white tea, black tea, oolong tea, pu-erh tea, flower blossom tea and yellow tea are the most common Chinese teas containing weight loss properties.

Green, oolong and pu-erh teas are the most effective in weight loss programs.

There is also a handmade Chinese tea named Bojenmi that is a widely accepted product for weight loss. In Chinese, “Bojenmi” means slim and beautiful. Bojenmi tea contains tea leaves, crataegus fruit, citrus peel, (Read More....)

The Health Benefits of Cherries

Cherries- Feasting At Home Blog

When you think of cherries, what comes to mind? If it’s an almost neon red maraschino cherry instead of the luscious, deep red fresh fruit, you’re probably not alone. Cherries can sometimes get overlooked in the fruit section of the grocery store because they’re usually a little pricier than other fruit and many people opt for fresh berries instead. However skipping this fruit is a bad decision because it’s full of nutrients that your body needs. Some of the health benefits of cherries are:
1.    They have strong anti-inflammatory properties. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating cherries by the handful or drinking tart cherry juice, consuming this fruit has been shown to help reduce inflammation. Regularly consuming cherries helps relieve pains associated with arthritis and reduce swelling in muscles after hard workouts, reducing the amount of recovery time needed.

2.    They are high in (Read More....)

Cancer? The Old World Powerful Healing Properties Of Frankincense And Myrrh

Frankincense Essential Oil. 10 ml. 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade.

Myrrh 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil- 10 ml

Many know frankincense and myrrh from the bible, but we are only discovering today the powerful properties they contain. The Greeks considered frankincense and myrrh to be “sacred substances” and those who could afford these resins used them as incense to treat virtually every illness. In the west we rarely hear about these old world remedies, but they are commonly used in advanced European hospitals.

What is frankincense? The short (Read More....)

Food for Thought: A Nutritional Guide to Better Cognitive Ability

Part of the reason why the human brain became so smart in the first place was that people acquired much greater access to nutrients than what was available in the past. The human brain needs a large number of nutrients to function at its best in the short-term and the consumption of certain foods can also help the human brain become even more powerful in the long-run.

Even better is how certain foods can reduce the degeneration of the human brain that many people mistakenly see as being inevitable. Neurodegenerative disorders can be slowed down or even reversed with the right nutrition.

Stay Hydrated

Water is the most important requirement for keeping the brain healthy. A dehydrated brain is not able to transport minerals as efficiently and will slowly deteriorate as a result. Of course, most people are not severely dehydrated, but even a little dehydration can make the brain function worse.

Fight Oxidative Stress On the Brain with Antioxidants

One of the biggest threats to the brain is oxidative stress and some researchers believe that oxidative stress is one of the leading causes of an aging (Read More....)

Managing Your Allergies

Allergic reactions can make it impossible to go about enjoying your day. Between the stuffed-up nose, the sneezes and the puffy eyes — in addition to any other symptoms that may develop — allergies make it hard to carry on with your day. But for some people, the prolonged duration of allergy season can make it impossible to simply wait out the symptoms.

It’s not easy — or practical — for some allergies to be avoided. Although some preventative measures can help you avoid allergies, or at least keep them under better control, the odds are good that you need actual, effective steps you can take to manage and improve allergies and minimize their effects. Here are some key steps you should take to develop a plan for managing your allergies.

Identify the cause

The single-best thing you can do for your allergies is to figure out what’s causing the flare-ups. A doctor’s office can perform expensive tests to figure this out, but you can also figure things out on your own by paying attention to how allergic reactions develop. Take note of the environment and any potential allergens (Read More....)

Top 10 Healthiest Foods You Should Include In Your Diet

A growing concern over the escalating number of individuals afflicted with diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease and cancer has prompted the population to seek healthy choices for their meal plans. According to the Mayo Clinic and Livestrong nutrition experts, the following foods provide excellent sources of vitamins and nutrients to help to maximize the body’s ability to reduce risks of various medical conditions.


Packed with nutrients, nuts are good sources of protein.  Specifically, almonds contain the highest levels of calcium.  They are loaded with iron and vitamin E.  Nuts are high in unsaturated fat, which helps the body to maintain healthier cholesterol levels.  A quarter of a cup of almonds, or walnuts when you want to switch things up, helps to preserve heart health.


A half-cup serving of this low-fat protein source is rich in fiber, iron, (Read More....)