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5 Reasons To Not Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast can offer a few downsides to the immediate sense of temporary weight loss. A few scenarios are likely to happen: 1) a person becomes so hungry that by lunchtime they overeat to compensate for what was missed at breakfast; 2) unhealthy eating in a desperate attempt to replace those missed calories; 3) the body assumes “starvation mode” and any subsequent food taken in later in the day ensures weight gain; 4) the body’s metabolism slows down and 5) possible muscle loss due to the body’s need to “eat” something.

Skipping Breakfast Causes Overeating

The human body seeks balance at all times. Skipping breakfast oftentimes causes the body to eat in excess later in the day to gain calories that were missed in the morning. However, a person that normally participates in breakfast-skipping may or may not experience this urgency in recovering those calories. The human body gets use to patterns of behavior for the sake of its homeostasis.

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Do We Want to Live Longer?

Do We Want to Live Longer? By Dave Webb

Why we age . . .

I started studying how long we live about 20 years ago. I was about 50. Don’t really remember when it started. I guess it started when it began effecting me personally. We are all going to die of one thing or another within about 120 years. But how much of that life is quality life and how much is hanging on in misery and ill health? I believe the answer to that question is pertinent to all of us.

I have always been fascinated with the historical record of humanity in the Bible. We started out as a creation from God and his court. We were created in “their” image. That is the clue. We were artificially created, not evolved as part of the regular creation on Earth.

The second clue is in the story of “Eve”. Originally, the myths of the Jewish People refer to Adam’s mate as a person named Lilith. Or some such name. The myth describes a woman that rebelled against God and all of her children were condemned by God because of this rebellion. The myth described the eradication of this entire line of (Read More....)

Tips For Taking Control Of Your Weight And Getting Healthy

People are reluctant to admit that they have done something wrong with their lifestyle choices. When you are able to admit that you are responsible for your actions, then the healthy lifestyle will come naturally to you. Blaming others for your choices is only toxic. Taking control of your weight and getting healthy requires personal responsibility, and then you will be able to achieve all of your goals.

Get Involved

Getting involved in a dieting community is the first step you can take in the right direction. There are hundreds of online forums that will motivate you. There are tons of people out there that have lost a hefty amount of weight and kept it off for at least a few years. The diet world will also give you advice on Sensa and how to use it properly. Other dieters will hold you accountable and keep you motivated.

Keep A Journal

A journal of your progress is the perfect way to see how far you have come or what needs improvement. Recording your daily food and intake will let you see where you make mistakes. It will also keep you accountable. Seeing your choices on paper makes it (Read More....)

HOW TO Make Your Own Laundry Soap

One of the biggest expenses that I run across when I wash my clothes is the laundry soap. Because of my family’s allergies and desire to go organic, I have a hard time finding affordable soap that actually works. I have scoured stores and clipped coupons, but it is always hard to find.

Then I found out that I could make my own laundry soap, and it works great. This simple recipe can be changed depending on your family’s needs and desires. As a matter of fact, I add a scoop of Oxyclean to my heavily-soiled loads, but this laundry soap really does get your clothes clean and smelling fresh. I also switch out the bar soap I add to a handmade type that I found at my local farmer’s market, so feel free to find your own additions and substitutions to the recipe!
Tools needed:

· Grater
· Measuring cup
· Spoon
· Airtight container


· 1 box (Arm & Hammer) Washing Soda
· 1 box (20 Mule Team) Borax
· 1 pack of (Ivory) Bar Soap

The names in parenthesis are the brand names I can find, but you (Read More....)

Drought Resistant Crops

Feeding the world has become harder and harder as the human population balloons. One of the ways that this problem is being tackled is through the use of technology to grow crops where they previously would not have been able to live. Drought resistant crops that can thrive where water is limited increase the ability of farmers to feed the world.

Drought-Associated Crop Issues

Water is not an unlimited resource, and it tends to be fairly unpredictable. All freshwater originally fell as rain, and tends to turn over fairly quickly. This means that if a given region has a dry winter, there’s less water in all of the rivers that drain from that region, potentially affected huge swaths area. Drought resistant crops are very helpful in these situations.

Farmers already plant crops that they think will grow well on their land whenever possible. However, sometimes the crop that sells the best is the one that is least likely to grow in a particular region. In these cases, people often have to make do with meager yields or switch to a less popular, less profitable crop. When the crop serves as a major food source, the situation is even more dire than loss of income.

The Development of Drought Resistant Crops

Drought resistant plants can either be artificially selected for or genetically engineered. (Read More....)

Cancer: Fashion as Your Sword

When a woman receives a diagnosis of cancer, it often feels as if her life has spun out of control. Many women have to enter into a program of treatment that may or may not include chemotherapy, and as a result, if this is happening to you, you may think that you have lost all of your bearings. When you are dealing with cancer, why should you worry about looking good? The answer to this question might surprise you. If you find that you can boost your spirits through the use of fashion and fun, you may be doing yourself a world of good.

Emotions and You

Oncologists and doctors in general believe that a patient’s emotional outlook can be a very important part of their recovery and treatment process. Take a moment and think about where you are with your treatment? Are you on the way to being out of the woods, or are you in a place where you are just gritting your teeth for the big struggle? No matter where you need to go from here, having a little pick me up is always a good thing.

Fashion as a Tool

Fashion (Read More....)