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Taking The Time To Take Care Of Yourself

Are you too busy to take time for yourself? Maybe you’ve got a demanding job or family obligations that eat away at your evenings and weekends. If you had more free time, you could finish that book you started last year or improve your golf score. Before you quit your day job or book an expensive weekend retreat at a vacation resort, investigate small ways you can take time for yourself daily.

Physical time

Your body will thank you when you make physical exercise a priority. Go to the gym or schedule a daily walk around the block, play a basketball game with your kids or a run to the mailbox. In addition to daily exercise, spend time on your physical appearance. Manicures and pedicures are great options on a smaller scale that help you look your best and feel better about yourself. As you age and go through life’s experiences, your skin may start to show the effects. A mini face lift is an option to help you feel more confident about your look. Rotate physical pampering activities daily instead of spending a day at (Read More....)

Smoking – A Study In Manipulation

When I was 14, these little old ladies from the  local church came into our 7th or 8th grade class to tell us all about the evils of smoking. This was in the 50s. Naturally the entire class wanted to give this “evil” a try. So in the pecking order of things, to smoke was considered “cool” and “grown up”.

I later learned these charitable endeavors were actually sponsored by the American Tobacco Organization. It is the best manipulation of youth I have ever seen. It is subtle and still going on in one form or another to this day in our schools. All in the name of telling children it is “evil”. . .

I have been against smoking most of my life. In 1950, I talked my own Father into quiting. I must have been 7 or 8 at the time.

We moved here, to the United States in 1948. I had 5 uncles and 4 aunts, two grandfathers and one grandmother. The other grandmother died of kidney disease when my Dad was nine. All of these people smoked. I have something like 50 cousins. All of these relatives reside either in England or Canada. Most of these cousins smoke.

I am one of the few exceptions. I don’t smoke tobacco in any of its forms. I think my remaining cousin in Canada might have quit years ago. The rest of these people are all (Read More....)

The Medical System Has Failed Us - Are You Sick Of BEING SICK?

We are paying our Doctors of Medicine to fail- This is how it works. You go to a Doctor and he discovers you have a sugar disease- It is not fatal in the short term. But he needs to prescribe medicine to control it. Usually you are 20-40 pounds or more overweight (Those midnight beers are showing around your middle.)

Does he cure you? No! What he attempts to do is cure your symptoms for you. So for the rest of your life you become one more cash cow for the drug industry- He benefits because by law you have to check in every 3-6 months to make sure the drugs are working as prescribed. This usually means lab tests. The pharmacy wins because you have to take drugs for the rest of your life. Your doctor gets at least 2 to 4 office visits out of you a year. The clinical lab wins because you are now a permanent customer.

What I have described is type II diabetes. Approximately a third of the population of this country will eventually get this “disease” and be on medicines to control it for the rest of their (Read More....)

Student Health Insurance Options

As a student, obtaining the best health care coverage possible is a major priority. Without insurance, a serious injury or accident could sideline you with thousands of dollars in medical bills and potentially cause you to drop out of school. While there are many options available to you as a student, they will soon be changing, because of the Affordable Care Act. Signed into law in 2010 by President Obama and known as Obamacare, this law is designed to introduce new health insurance programs along with a health insurance exchange. Here are your current options for student health insurance as they currently stand.

Parents’ Employer-Provided Plan

According to USAToday, more than two-thirds of college students were covered under their parents’ health insurance plans in 2010. According to the latest health care revisions, students can now stay under their parent’s health insurance plans until they turn 26. The best advantage associated with this is that you can get much better coverage than you could get on your own as a student. Along with this, you will not be excluded from the plan because of a pre-existing condition.

However, if you are currently attending a school away from home, you may not be able to obtain coverage from providers on your parents’ health insurance plan. This (Read More....)

Are Height and Weight Charts Really Accurate for Women?

Height and weight charts are one of the ways that people measure their own size against where they ‘should’ be. However, they have long been questioned as to whether they are appropriate tools for all or even the majority of women. There are many points of view on the subject.

Height and Weight Charts

In the simplest extreme, height and weight charts include a height combined with a weight range that is considered ‘ideal’ for each height. Slightly more complex charts offer a choice for women to categorize themselves as small, medium, or large framed. To use these, women must first calculate their frame size.

The main problem with these charts is that they do not take into account body composition. A woman may be heavier than the chart says she should be, but because of muscle, not fat. Likewise, a woman who thinks she is fine because she is within the recommended range can still have quite a high body fat percentage.

Alternatives to Height and Weight Charts– BMI

One common alternative that is being used a lot these days is the BMI (Body Mass Index). It essentially a weight chart by a different (Read More....)

Reducing the Effects of Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is a common disease that can be easily managed through natural methods. Because diabetes can lead to serious health problems when it is left unmanaged, it is important to implement life changes that will help to reduce the negative health effects of this disease. The following five ideas will help diabetics to manage their diabetes symptoms naturally so that they can avoid long-term health problems.

Eat a Healthy Diet In order to reduce the effects of diabetes naturally, it is essential to eat a healthy diet. Any foods that are high in sugar should be avoided. Diabetics should also try to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in their diet as these are converted to sugar by the body. It is also important to watch out for hidden sources of sugar, such as fruit.

Get Proper Exercise One of the best ways to help the body to stay in balance is to get at least thirty minutes of exercise a day. Not only does this help to regulate the body’s sugar, but it also helps to improve circulation. This can be essential for preventing diabetes-related ailments such as kidney disease and retina damage.

Maintain a Healthy Weight One (Read More....)