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How to Make Your Home More Organic

From the soils that grow the food we eat to the personal care products that we use on our bodies, chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, and other hazardous agents can be found almost everywhere, in everything, it seems. What’s worse is that these dangers are not only a threat to us as individuals–they’re a threat to the environment as a whole. The best way to beat this army of toxins is to make your home more organic. When you choose to go organic, you choose to reduce your exposure to a laundry list of harmful substances. Are you ready to make the switch but not sure where you should start? Highlighted for you here are several things you can do to transform your home into a more organic one.

Buy Organically Grown Foods

One way to make your home more organic is to buy organically grown produce, meats, and dairy products. Organic produce is chemical-free, grown without the use of dangerous fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Organic meats and dairy products come from animals that are never fed antibiotics, hormones, or (Read More....)

Treatments For Hard Water

Fortunately, hard water treatment is no longer such a difficult thing to find nowadays. Now, you don’t have to go through all the hassle of having your entire water tank cleaned out by a professional (although that is still advisable) just so you can get relief. Today, there are water softeners available that you can use for immediate results. The safest way for you to confirm if you do have hard water is for you to get it tested by an expert. There should, however, be tell-tale signs that will lead you to suspect that your water supply does have hard water.

What is hard water?

First of all, before you can even think of trying to find a solution for it, you should still first understand what a hard water is. Basically, it is a very common condition among the water supply in the country, and in fact, statistics show that it affects as much as 85% of the water supply in the country. While it is very common, the fortunate thing is that it is not all that hazardous to one’s health. Hard water comes about from the presence of dissolved minerals in high levels, such as calcium, magnesium, and manganese. The minerals mix with the water, and from this, the water becomes a mineral mixture, thereby affecting the quality of the water.

Telltale Signs

Among the clues that can warn you about the presence of hard water would be that your soap is not (Read More....)

Snake Control Methods

People can have an almost instinctual fear of snakes and most people are not going to want a bunch of snakes in their garden or hanging out on their lawn. Although there is no reason to fear most snakes, some of them can be poisonous and you may want to look for ways to get rid of any snakes that may be around your property.

Types of Snake Control

There are a number of methods of snake control that you can employ to attempt to ensure that snakes will not take away from your enjoyment of your lawn and garden.

Snake Repellents: Snake repellents attempt to make snakes uncomfortable enough to leave the area. Snake repellents come in both a chemical and electronic form. The chemical form uses smell to irritate the snake by blocking its sense of taste and smell. This will limit the amount of information a snake is able to gather about the surrounding environment and cause the snake to leave the area. You need to be careful when buying chemical snake repellents that the ingredients will not harm the (Read More....)

5 Healing Properties You Didn't Know Existed In Chinese Food

At one time or another, we’ve all been given the sage advice to starve a fever and feed a cold. While you should never literally starve yourself while you are sick, the other half of the saying has a bit of truth to it. Asian cultures have used food as a sort of natural medicine for hundreds of years. The next time you are sick, you may want to order from your local Chinese take-out. Here are a few ingredients found in Chinese food that might just help you bounce back from an illness:


Because only certain types of chrysanthemums are used as medicine, we don’t suggest that you go out to the garden and pick a few flowers to consume. What we do suggest is heading down to your local Chinese restaurant and ordering a mug of hot chrysanthemum tea. The flower is also used in soups and other dishes and is a great remedy for headaches and fever.

2. Ginger

Ginger tea is popular among pregnant women thanks to its calming effect on the digestive system. The taste is strong and not for everyone, but if you can stomach it, chewing on dried, natural ginger can also help with motion sickness and stomach acid.

3. Green Tea

Green tea may be the world’s next super food before long. The list of medical conditions that green tea is said to aid (Read More....)

How To Be An Informed Patient

Some people have blind faith in their doctors and are loyal to their healthcare professionals to the end. This allegiance to a physician is admirable, but not always necessary or wise. You owe it to yourself to get the best health care possible. As with making any decision, informed healthcare consumers get better results than uninformed patients do.

Determine the need for a second opinion

While advancing technology continues to sharpen the accuracy of diagnostic testing, it is still impossible to correctly diagnose an illness 100 percent of the time, especially on the first try. Many insurance companies require a second opinion to reduce the rate of diagnostic errors. Medicare will pay up to 80 percent for a second, or even a third, opinion when a major surgery or procedure is involved in order to gain a consensus on the diagnosis and best course of treatment. Most family doctors will not be offended if you ask them for a referral. Consider a second opinion whenever you face a serious illness or complex surgical procedure.

Find an alternate doctor

Ask friends and relatives or use the Internet to find a general physician or specialist in your area. Each doctor may have a different opinion (Read More....)

Importance of Including Low Carb Diet in Maintaining a Healthy Body

In order to avoid gaining excess weight, nutritionists have been advocating for including a low carb diet as part of your diet plan. Low carb diets are those that contain fewer amounts of carbohydrates. The reason for including a low carb diet has been attributed to the lower insulin levels in the body that naturally results in fat being burned quickly.

Some of the foods which are high in carbohydrates include starchy fruits and vegetables, milk, nuts as well as grains, seeds and legumes. There are various food items that could be included as part of the low carb diet.

In order to ensure that you only consume a low carb diet the emphasis must be more on the food products that are rich in protein and minerals. The food items that are rich in protein and low in carbohydrate include meat, poultry, fish, egg, non-starchy vegetables and fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibre content.

It is recommended that the amount of carbohydrates in a low carb diet should not exceed 150gms in a given day. There are a number of benefits associated with consuming a low carb diet. These benefits are related to weight loss and certain other health benefits such as preventing the occurrence of serious conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart (Read More....)