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College Students - Staying Healthy After You Graduate

College offers plenty of opportunities to maintain your health, from healthy meal options in the dining hall to free gym access and an on-campus wellness center. After graduation, however, you’re on your own in many ways. One of the most important things to focus on is staying healthy when you don’t have the built-in support that was available during your college years. Here are a few things to consider after graduate to ensure your continued health.

Get Medical Care

As soon as you leave campus, you may not have health insurance anymore. Therefore, one of your first priorities should be to line up insurance that will cover you now that you’ve graduated. Although you may be able to stay on your parent’s insurance plan, this assumes that you have a parent with a family policy through work. If not, you’ll need to purchase insurance on your own. If you’re just trying to fill a gap before your work coverage kicks in, consider short term medical insurance as an affordable option to keep you covered during that time.

Join a Gym

After graduation, you’ll need to find a new place to work out. For most people, this means (Read More....)

5 Often Overlooked Tips For Keeping A Healthy Home

As we continue to gain information about the day-to-day products we use around the house, and the various hazards that many of them pose, it is becoming increasingly important to pay attention to our purchases and home habits.  Below are just five simple ways to reduce toxins, live healthier, and keep our homes safer with green-friendly solutions.

– Water Solutions

If you don’t already use some sort of water filtration device, you may consider looking into the many options available.  Finding a reliable water softener that doesn’t use salt conditioners, as well as a filtration system, can help rid your water of unwanted chlorine and potential contaminants.  As water is the essence of all life, especially our own, it’s important to make sure you’re drinking the very best.

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– Open the Windows

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that many of the things in your home, including furniture, carpets, and paints, may have been treated or made with pollutants or toxic (Read More....)

Natural Cold And Flu Remedies

At one time or another, you’re probably going to get sick. Almost everyone does. Catching a cold or the flu can put you out of commission for days, maybe even longer. It’s unpleasant. The aches and pains and generally miserable feeling can leave you wishing for an instant cure. Although there’s no way to ensure you won’t get sick, there are ways to help you deal with the symptoms and affects of a cold or the flu. The following are a few natural cold and flu remedies….


Even though it sounds simple, one of the best ways to help alleviate the affects of a cold or the flu is to get plenty of rest. Because the illness taxes the body’s ability to fight off the disease, it needs your help and cooperation to perform efficiently. That means you should rest as much as possible and allow your body to direct its energy toward the cause of the discomfort. The more rest you get, especially when you first begin to feel the effects of a cold or the flu, the faster your recovery time will be.

Consume Hot Drinks

Drinking warm or hot liquids, especially certain kinds of tea, can help open up the nasal passages and allow you to breathe easier. Chamomile tea seems to be especially effective as well as other types of tea, such as goldenseal tea. Some say the main effect that hot drinks have on cold or flu (Read More....)

8 Ways To Make Your Home Greener And Healthier

Making your home healthier and greener may sound like a bit of a challenge. The key is to take the first step, and make a habit out of thinking green. If you want to start small, here are some things to try.  The following are 8 ways to make your home greener and healthier….

1. Lighting

Using different types of lighting in your home can help you to save energy. Certain kinds of light bulbs use about 75% less electricity and are safer to operate because they don’t get as hot as regular bulbs. Using a dimmer switch can also help you to reduce the amount of energy that you are using to light your home. A dimmer allows you to choose how much light you want in the room–the lower you go the less energy you use. When you have a choice, you should always go with appliances that are energy efficient. Whether you are looking for a new refrigerator, or even a new toaster, look for that ENERGY STAR logo. Using less energy doesn’t just help your electricity bill, it means you are polluting less as well.

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2. Water

Minimize the amount of water that you use. Try to reduce your shower (Read More....)

Look And Feel Beautiful With Organic Beauty Products

We are indeed lucky to live in this beautiful world as Nature has showered its bounties on us. Wonderful sunshine, air and water keep us healthy and hearty. In our greed to have more of everything we’ve created an imbalance. To have more of vegetables and fruits and other necessary food stuff farmers use hormones to induce faster growth. Genetically engineered fruits and vegetables cause damage to the body over a period of time. Also using pesticides on the plants cause harmful chemicals to enter our body. Even beauty products are made with chemicals that can cause skin cancer and other skin diseases. Rashes, skin irritation leading to patches on skin are all results of harmful chemicals used in beauty products. In our urge to look young and beautiful we use harmful chemicals that can cause permanent damage to our skin and body. Under these circumstances it is better to use organic beauty products that will make you look young, beautiful and is also harmless to the skin.

Massage with Milk and Cream

It is better to massage your body and face with milk and fresh cream. Milk acts as a cleanser and removes the dirt and grime from the skin and makes it look fresh and radiant. Moreover it is harmless also as there is no artificial chemical added to it. If (Read More....)

Heroin Addiction Is One Of The Deadliest Addictions

Even as the number of heroin rehab centers available for addicts increases, heroin addiction continues to be one of the deadliest addictions in the whole world. What makes heroin addiction so deadly for users? Not only is heroin dangerous because it is extremely addictive, but heroin users are also at risk for experiencing a heroin overdose, contracting HIV, AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases through sharing needles, as well as having severe health complications, including coma and death. After heroin is consumed, either by being injected or inhaled, it enters the brain and is turned into morphine. Heroin then binds to receptors in the brain and users will experience an euphoric rush. As heroin use continues, users will build a tolerance and require an increase needed in the amount of heroin to achieve the same effect; this increases the addiction strength and chances for overdose. An addiction to heroin also has life threatening effects on the user’s body. These effects include, but are not limited (Read More....)