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When Organic Is Not Really Organic

When are organic products not really organic?  Well, when you buy them at the organic food store but it turns out that they were made in China.  Yep, that’s right.  A major news investigation has revealed that many of the “organic foods” that you are buying at organic food stores are actually made in China.  It turns out that Whole Foods (the largest organic food chain in the United States) is selling a large number of “organic foods” that are actually produced across the globe in China.  Of course the notification that the product is made in China is in small lettering on the back of the package, so most consumers never have any idea that the organic product that they just purchased was grown half a world away.

In fact, if you are trying to eat organic, you might want to avoid anything made in India as well.  It is now estimated that 75 percent of India’s surface water is contaminated by human (Read More....)

Now The Mainstream Media Is Openly Declaring That Vitamins Are A Scam And That Bacon And Eggs Is The Healthiest Way To Start The Day

The other day I was standing in line at the supermarket when I saw the latest issue of Reader’s Digest.  On the cover in big, bold letters was this title: “The Vitamin Scam”.  I thought that I must be seeing things.  But I wasn’t.  Reader’s Digest was actually trying to convince us that those pushing vitamins were trying to scam all of us.  Of course those of us who know the truth just laugh at such nonsense, but the reality is that the vast majority of the American public does not know what to believe about health issues.  Thousands of people are going to believe Reader’s Digest on blind faith.

And that is just sad.  Apparently the natural health industry has gotten so much momentum that now the establishment feels that it must openly attack vitamin supplements.  Just check out the following excerpt from the recent Reader’s Digest article….

Once upon a time, you believed in the tooth fairy. You counted on the stability of housing prices and depended on bankers to be, well, dependable. And you figured that taking vitamins was good (Read More....)