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Your Food Is Being Sprayed With Viruses And The FDA Is Okay With That

Your Food Is Being Sprayed With Viruses And The FDA Is Okay With ThatDid you know that viruses are being sprayed on a lot of the meat that you eat? Did you know that the FDA is perfectly okay with these viruses being sprayed on your meat? We truly do live in a bizarre world. You see, back in 2006 the FDA approved a virus-cocktail spray that is designed to prevent listeriosis. The viral spray is known as LMP 102 and it is actually a mixture of six different viruses.  It was designed to be sprayed on luncheon meat, poultry, cold cuts, sausages, hot dogs, sliced turkey, and chicken.  So this is news to you?  That is the way it was supposed to be.  Most Americans were not even supposed to be aware that their meat was being sprayed with viruses.  The FDA even admitted as much when it said this: “Consumers won’t be aware that meat and poultry products have been treated with the spray.”  The truth is that if you have not adopted an organic lifestyle, then a large percentage of your meat is being sprayed with viruses before you eat it and nobody even bothered to inform you of it. 

Perhaps you still cannot believe that the meat you eat every day is being sprayed down purposely with viruses.  Well, just watch the Fox News report about it below….

The truth is that in the name of “safety”, the U.S. government is allowing bizarre food preparation procedures that are endangering the entire population.

The FDA insists that the viral spray is totally safe, but who knows what the long term effects of ingesting these viruses are?

Not only that, but as is always the case with viruses, the viruses in the viral spray could learn to adapt to their human hosts or they could “recombine” with other viruses that they encounter.   If that happened the results could be nightmarish.

Or we could all start to avoid meat products that are sprayed down with viruses altogether.  The problem is that they don’t list these viruses in the list of ingredients on the package.  So perhaps the only solution is to start to avoid meat completely.

It sure is hard to try to eat healthy these days. 

But is it too much to ask for the food companies not to spray our food with viruses before giving it to us?

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    This is a shocking news! Thank you for making us aware of this disgusting truth.

  • Tabrynn

    I found your article in the process of trying to find the results for the FDA Morgellons research. Almost everyone you talk to in this city knows a friend or relative who has been stricken. Our local Physicians refuse to make a diagnosis until the FDA studies are complete(which would allow these suffering people to access health insurance benefits to help ease the symptoms,as there is no cure}Now I find out that the FDA is engaged in furthur “Monkey Business” at the expense of our health WITHOUT reasonable disclosure. I am outraged! These viruses are being created by the same Pharmecuetical companies that didn’t take adequate measures to contain the nano-technology that created Morgellons syndrome. I have had enough. I think that ,not only should Congress convene hearings, but criminal charges should also be leveled at all of those involved in this shocking betrayal of our trust.

  • anna N

    that is the most uninformed article I’ve seen in a long time. it screams “ewww..virus. I don’t know what it does but ewww..”

  • jenny

    Ye.. Maybe its a good idea to do some research before writing things like that and making people panic for no reason….
    The viruses are called bacteriophages and that means that they can only infect bacteria , which in fact means that they target bacteria in meat products , bacteria that can get you sick , kill that bacteria….and You can eat meat after being frozen , refrigerated for who knows how long and not get sick from it.

  • Eric

    Seriously, did you actually think the government was attempting to poison us?! Thumbs up to Jenny for posting the real facts. Lets face it, the Federal government gets enough flack from dangerously intelligent and selfish conservatives who want to privatize it. It does not need “know it alls” who in reality know nothing trying to say it is not taking care of Americans. The FDA and USDA are examples of why it is better to live in America than most other places in the world!!!

  • gary heiden

    we are all part of the vital viral inclusion.

  • Dannie

    i don’t know about that eric. the fda and usda seem pretty detrimental with ppl being healthy. how much of the rich do you think follow their guidelines with what and how to eat food? these rules most certainly arent follow by the british royal family and they look pretty healthy compared to americans. even that old bag thats the queen looks healthier than most americans. there is quite a bit of proof that the us food regulatory agencies/corporations do not have good intentions for the american people. other countries have had decreasing health in their populations when they take the fda and usda rules and apply them. a few countries disregard and do not pay attention to those rules and guidelines yet the people are far healthier than us. so yea look stuff up, go through numerous sources from all across the board and you’ll see the truth of the fda/usda for yourself.

  • james

    This is a spot on. I have read and heard a lot about this and this practice was banned before,just like in other countries they don’t allow mercury in vaccines . Its totally a scam by big pharma to get you sick. Problem,reaction,solution..yum