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The Importance Of Supporting Local Organic Farms To Promote Community Health

The importance of supporting local organic farms to promote community health

By Scott Humphrey

Consumers have many health concerns about food today. Food products can be genetically modified, irradiated or covered in pesticides. Fortunately, consumers can use food product labels to make sure that their food is safe. By shopping at local organic farms, buyers are guaranteed safe and healthy food while contributing to a vibrant and healthy community.

Local organic farms are by far safer than food that has been shipped from larger farms. Local organic farms will not use dangerous pesticides, and their crops will be diversified to control potential threats and to ensure quality. You can support local farms by investing in a Community Supported Agriculture farm, where you pay a regular fee to “subscribe” to baskets of fresh produce delivered to your door. You could also shop at local farmers’ markets if you want more freedom in what you can buy. These fruits and vegetables will be fresh and healthy.

Locally grown fruits and vegetables also help the environment. Since the produce doesn’t have to be transported far, there is less pollution, which results in better air quality for your community. Because the crops are chosen to grow well in your community’s climate, less water and resources are wasted on trying to get the plants to grow. This ensures a plentiful water supply for everyone else, and it means less chemical runoff for you to worry about.

Eating local produce can even make you healthier. Fruits and vegetables, once picked, start to lose their nutrients. When you get the crops directly, you can take advantage of those fresh vitamins and minerals. Even eating locally sourced honey can help reduce allergies because it is made from local pollen.  Organic farmers make it a priority to take care of the soil in a sustainable and responsible way, continuing to reintroduce the necessary nutrients to grow nutritious food.

The food supply is full of chemicals that are bad for us, and it becomes an exercise to do the research necessary to find out which foods have what pesticides or antibiotics in them.  Movies like Food INC. have made the public aware of the abysmal state of the industrial food supply and the answer is clearly to support yours and your local community’s health.

Local organic farms are the healthy option, both for you and your community. Take the time to find some local farmers in your area. You’ll be surprised at how good their food tastes, and you’ll quickly see how the better quality can improve your health. When more people support these local farms, the farms will flourish and be able to produce even larger harvests. When it comes to local farms, you can make a difference.


Scott is a freelance writer on a variety of topics including sustainable food.  When he is not writing he is hiking in the mountains of upstate New York.

  • Elliot Kosiorek

    Organic farms have become popular nowadays because we want to consume foods which are not soaked with hazardous chemicals and toxins.