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The Correct Body Building Training Techniques To Avoid Injury

Body building training is indeed very important for your health since it helps to ensure that all your body organs function properly. However, injuries may occur in the training process. One of the sure ways of avoiding injuries is by following the instructions provided by your instructor to the letter. Here are some additional injury prevention steps that you can use to achieve the full benefits from your work out.

Tip 1: This entails purchasing top quality equipment which will be required. You may choose to join a gym facility instead of buying your own personal equipment.

Tip 2: Cramps are usually experienced by people who have a meal at least 30 minutes before the work out. Of course, you should not exercise on an empty stomach but you need to eat at a recommended time. It is wise to consume food which can supply the required energy at least 40 minutes before your training session in order to give your body enough time to digest the food. Ensure that your body has enough fluids by taking enough water before and after the exercise.

Tip 3: Warm Up- This helps to prepare the body for the body building activity. In addition, it helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood stream and this in turn helps in preventing muscle soreness. An example of a good warm up can (Read More....)

How Much Do You Bench?

Everyone spending time in a gym will encounter the inevitable question, “how much do you bench?” The bench press is an important and powerful exercise, and you should consider the benefits of establishing a workout routine that includes the bench press.


To profit from an exercise program, you must lift heavy things. Lifting heavy things requires a lot of force and works a lot of muscle. The bench press is ideal for this purpose. Pressing heavy weight from your chest activates the more forceful, fast twitch muscles in your chest, shoulders and arms.

One of the greatest benefits from bench pressing is the metabolic effect of lifting heavy weight with a large portion of your muscle groups. The more forceful a muscle fiber, (like those in your chest,) the greater the metabolic benefit from working the muscle. Lifting heavy on the bench press is effective at triggering the hormonal reaction that burns fat and builds lean muscle mass. This is the same hormonal response that will give you the look of athletic fitness and health.

An obvious benefit of bench pressing is building upper body strength and power. Pressing those heavy weights off the chest activates and builds strength in the muscles in the upper-half of the body. Bench pressing can increase strength for better pushups, and as upper body strength grows, so does (Read More....)

Quantify Your Fitness Goals for Success

Getting back into shape starts with getting off the couch and doing some physical activity. Just as important as the exercise itself, eating the right foods will help to fuel your workouts and shape your body. However, just doing exercise and eating right is not quite enough to see permanent results. It is essential to keep track of your progress with numbers so that you can see exactly how you are improving and what areas you still need to focus on.

Set A Schedule

One of the most important aspects of transforming your body is to be consistent with your workouts. The best way to do this is to keep track of your workouts using a calendar. Depending on what your goals are, you will need to set an appropriate schedule to complete your exercises. If your main goal is to lose a large amount of weight, you should do cardiovascular exercise for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week. You can choose which days to rest and which days to exercise. If you are more experienced, you can even perform cardio 7 days a week. If you would like to pack on a lot of muscle mass, you will need to focus on lifting heavy weights 2-3 times per week. Try to (Read More....)