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Are Height and Weight Charts Really Accurate for Women?

Height and weight charts are one of the ways that people measure their own size against where they ‘should’ be. However, they have long been questioned as to whether they are appropriate tools for all or even the majority of women. There are many points of view on the subject.

Height and Weight Charts

In the simplest extreme, height and weight charts include a height combined with a weight range that is considered ‘ideal’ for each height. Slightly more complex charts offer a choice for women to categorize themselves as small, medium, or large framed. To use these, women must first calculate their frame size.

The main problem with these charts is that they do not take into account body composition. A woman may be heavier than the chart says she should be, but because of muscle, not fat. Likewise, a woman who thinks she is fine because she is within the recommended range can still have quite a high body fat percentage.

Alternatives to Height and Weight Charts– BMI

One common alternative that is being used a lot these days is the BMI (Body Mass Index). It essentially a weight chart by a different (Read More....)