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Vitamins to Help You Feel Better Fast

When you are not feeling well you want to get better fast. However most over the counter medications only treat the symptoms and wear off quickly. What can you do to feel better without having to take a bunch of medication? Try these vitamins:

1.    Vitamin C Vitamin C is found naturally in things like citrus fruits. If you ingest a lot of vitamin C it has been proven to reduce your chances of getting a cold or virus and also shorten the amount of time it is in your system. This is because vitamin C strengthens your immune system. Another advantage to vitamin C is that it is very hard to take too much. It is processed by your body quickly, so you also need to ingest large mounts regularly for the full effects.

2.    (Read More....)

Are You Anemic?

Iron Pills For Anemia

Anemia is a medical condition characterized by the body’s inability to transport oxygen to your tissues due to an insufficient amount of healthy red blood cells. There are many causes of anemia, some which can be serious, according to Mayo Clinic physicians, so it’s important to see a doctor for testing as soon as you develop symptoms that could signal anemia.

Many individuals suffer from anemia at some time in their lives, with women having higher occurrences of it. This is often due to the fact that women menstruate and can sometimes lose lots of blood, which could eventually lead to anemia. Another reason why more women suffer from anemia is the fact that women bear children, and pregnancy can really deplete a woman’s iron stores, leaving her iron deficient, and therefore anemic.

What are the symptoms of anemia?

Sometimes in the beginning, anemia doesn’t always cause any noticeable symptoms. When symptoms do exist, which occurs in most cases, one quite common symptom of anemia is fatigue, and usually the more severe (Read More....)

Now The Mainstream Media Is Openly Declaring That Vitamins Are A Scam And That Bacon And Eggs Is The Healthiest Way To Start The Day

The other day I was standing in line at the supermarket when I saw the latest issue of Reader’s Digest.  On the cover in big, bold letters was this title: “The Vitamin Scam”.  I thought that I must be seeing things.  But I wasn’t.  Reader’s Digest was actually trying to convince us that those pushing vitamins were trying to scam all of us.  Of course those of us who know the truth just laugh at such nonsense, but the reality is that the vast majority of the American public does not know what to believe about health issues.  Thousands of people are going to believe Reader’s Digest on blind faith.

And that is just sad.  Apparently the natural health industry has gotten so much momentum that now the establishment feels that it must openly attack vitamin supplements.  Just check out the following excerpt from the recent Reader’s Digest article….

Once upon a time, you believed in the tooth fairy. You counted on the stability of housing prices and depended on bankers to be, well, dependable. And you figured that taking vitamins was good (Read More....)

Improve Your Health The Organic Way – Use Cucumbers!

The more one learns about fruits and vegetables that more amazed one becomes. You see, the truth is that God created a vast array of natural foods that are incredibly versatile and incredibly good for us. In fact, the other day we learned how absolutely extraordinary a simple cucumber is. A cucumber? Yes, a cucumber. It turns out that cucumbers have some absolutely incredibly properties. Check out all of the things that we learned about cucumbers the other day….

*Just one simple cucumber contains significant amounts of all of the following:

-Vitamin B1

-Vitamin B2

-Vitamin B3

-Vitamin B5

-Vitamin B6

-Folic Acid

-Vitamin C







*Not only that, but cucumbers also contain enough sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes to quickly replenish most of the essential nutrients that the body loses, so it is a great vegetable to eat after strenuous activity or if you just need to bring your body back into equilibrium.

*According to gardeners, cucumbers are also great for pest control.  Apparently if you place a few cucumber slices on an aluminum pie tin where bugs can smell them, your garden will be free from pests all season long. 


Well, it turns out that the (Read More....)