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The Medical System Has Failed Us - Are You Sick Of BEING SICK?

We are paying our Doctors of Medicine to fail- This is how it works. You go to a Doctor and he discovers you have a sugar disease- It is not fatal in the short term. But he needs to prescribe medicine to control it. Usually you are 20-40 pounds or more overweight (Those midnight beers are showing around your middle.)

Does he cure you? No! What he attempts to do is cure your symptoms for you. So for the rest of your life you become one more cash cow for the drug industry- He benefits because by law you have to check in every 3-6 months to make sure the drugs are working as prescribed. This usually means lab tests. The pharmacy wins because you have to take drugs for the rest of your life. Your doctor gets at least 2 to 4 office visits out of you a year. The clinical lab wins because you are now a permanent customer.

What I have described is type II diabetes. Approximately a third of the population of this country will eventually get this “disease” and be on medicines to control it for the rest of their (Read More....)