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Snake Control Methods

People can have an almost instinctual fear of snakes and most people are not going to want a bunch of snakes in their garden or hanging out on their lawn. Although there is no reason to fear most snakes, some of them can be poisonous and you may want to look for ways to get rid of any snakes that may be around your property.

Types of Snake Control

There are a number of methods of snake control that you can employ to attempt to ensure that snakes will not take away from your enjoyment of your lawn and garden.

Snake Repellents: Snake repellents attempt to make snakes uncomfortable enough to leave the area. Snake repellents come in both a chemical and electronic form. The chemical form uses smell to irritate the snake by blocking its sense of taste and smell. This will limit the amount of information a snake is able to gather about the surrounding environment and cause the snake to leave the area. You need to be careful when buying chemical snake repellents that the ingredients will not harm the (Read More....)