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Benefits (and Potential Dangers) Of Taking In A Sauna

There are few things more comforting and relaxing than a sauna. Whether it’s the wintertime and you want a way to warm up or you’re trying to ease your aching muscles after a hard workout, saunas are a big attraction. You can’t go to a health club, spa or hotel that doesn’t have at least one sauna. Are saunas really good for you, though? There are both benefits and drawbacks to saunas. While saunas can help you to feel better and aid overall well-being, people with certain health conditions shouldn’t risk being in a sauna.

Benefits of Saunas

1. When you’re in a sauna, your heart rate will naturally increase, also increasing your body’s need for oxygen. This means that your heart will get its very own workout as it continues to pump blood through your body. It’s like getting a cardio workout with the treadmill.

2. Since saunas are so hot, they make your body go into a state similar to when you have a fever. This sounds like a bad thing, but what happens is your immune system gets stimulated. People who regularly use saunas actually have less of a chance of getting a cold or the flu.

3. Since your heart rate (Read More....)