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Smoking – A Study In Manipulation

When I was 14, these little old ladies from the  local church came into our 7th or 8th grade class to tell us all about the evils of smoking. This was in the 50s. Naturally the entire class wanted to give this “evil” a try. So in the pecking order of things, to smoke was considered “cool” and “grown up”.

I later learned these charitable endeavors were actually sponsored by the American Tobacco Organization. It is the best manipulation of youth I have ever seen. It is subtle and still going on in one form or another to this day in our schools. All in the name of telling children it is “evil”. . .

I have been against smoking most of my life. In 1950, I talked my own Father into quiting. I must have been 7 or 8 at the time.

We moved here, to the United States in 1948. I had 5 uncles and 4 aunts, two grandfathers and one grandmother. The other grandmother died of kidney disease when my Dad was nine. All of these people smoked. I have something like 50 cousins. All of these relatives reside either in England or Canada. Most of these cousins smoke.

I am one of the few exceptions. I don’t smoke tobacco in any of its forms. I think my remaining cousin in Canada might have quit years ago. The rest of these people are all (Read More....)