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How You Can Benefit from Growing Your Own Garden

What could be better than stepping out the door first thing in the morning and picking a bowl of organic and natural strawberries or grapes for breakfast? It’s so easy to do that there is no reason not to plant a grape and strawberry garden.  It’s cheap and very environmentally friendly.

How to Start a Grape Vine

Grapes come in various seedless and seed varieties and can be started for free. Take a cruise through the neighborhood, and look for neighbors growing grapes. After finding a variety of grape that’s ideal, ask the neighbor for a first year branch that’s about eight-inches in length. This will be a young and succulent branch that’s bright green and not woody. The best time to find this branch is in spring, right after the leaves open on the grape plant.

Take it home and stick it in a vase with water while the planting medium is prepared. Fill a shallow wooden box with clean sand. Beach sand will work fine. Make sure the box has drain holes. Take the grape branch and snip the lower leaves away, leaving a stem with a (Read More....)