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Transitioning to an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

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Today, we are becoming more and more aware of humanity’s strong impact on planet Earth. Normal people on up to leading scientists question sustainability, or the Earth’s ability to continue providing at the rate we request of it. In the spirit of changing this
and reducing their individual impact on Earth’s resources, many people have begun to transition into an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Sustainability, Making the Change

Making this change is a transition because for most of us, non-eco-friendly has been the way in every aspect of life. From transportation to food, non-eco-friendly habits and products are deeply instilled in us. So as such, actually making the transition requires some understanding and the desire to learn along the way. This is not an overnight change.


Transportation requires energy, whether in the form (Read More....)

How to Make Your Home More Organic

From the soils that grow the food we eat to the personal care products that we use on our bodies, chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, and other hazardous agents can be found almost everywhere, in everything, it seems. What’s worse is that these dangers are not only a threat to us as individuals–they’re a threat to the environment as a whole. The best way to beat this army of toxins is to make your home more organic. When you choose to go organic, you choose to reduce your exposure to a laundry list of harmful substances. Are you ready to make the switch but not sure where you should start? Highlighted for you here are several things you can do to transform your home into a more organic one.

Buy Organically Grown Foods

One way to make your home more organic is to buy organically grown produce, meats, and dairy products. Organic produce is chemical-free, grown without the use of dangerous fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Organic meats and dairy products come from animals that are never fed antibiotics, hormones, or (Read More....)

5 Options Among The Growing Number Of Organic Fast Food Chains

The organic label has been around in the USA since 1973, and early proponents swore the standard would grow rapidly. While their timing was off, predictions of organic pioneers finally started paying off over the last decade as more consumers sought organic products both for their health and for the environment. Organic farmers now command higher prices for produce and meat than their conventional counterparts, and the supply is becoming large enough to make retail costs affordable for the average consumer. Additionally, several restaurant chains have started offering organic items on the menu. Depending on where you live, it may even be possible to indulge in fast food without compromising on your organic principles. If consumers keep coming back to the following options, growth will continue.

Whole Foods To-Go

With stores in most continental states and Canada, Whole Foods has been providing customers with an organic version of the familiar Chinese take-out buffet. A favorite for corporate lunch breaks, gourmet recipes using organic and otherwise healthy ingredients are sold by weight in convenient to-go containers. Meals may include deli sandwiches, pizza, burgers, or sushi, among others. Most stores also feature a dining area. The food is priced favorably compared to the costs of purchasing and preparing (Read More....)