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Going Back to School Healthy and Green: The Gear You Need Now

Mackenzie Hamilton – China Vogue August 2007

Whether you’ve just started back to college or university for fall, or you know someone who is, the time has come to stock up on all the supplies every student will need to get through another academic year. But, before heading out and picking up just any old school and home products, take a second to fill your shopping list with organic, environmentally friendly, recycled or re-used items that will be better for both you and the environment. Check out some of these must-have green items for going back to school the healthy way:

1. A Non-BPA Thermos.

It’s not uncommon to walk across a college campus and see long, plastic thermoses everywhere you go. If you are looking for your own thermos, make sure to find one that is free of BPA, a hormone-disrupting chemical commonly found in many (Read More....)