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The Shortfalls Of Old Age

Authored By Dave Webb

One of the big chips in the progress of the Human Species is medicine. With successful medicine comes an increase in the aged population of the planet. Everyone of these aged individuals takes up space. A lot of them have no useful productive use anymore. A lot of them require expensive nursing facilities to survive. A lot of them have aging diseases such as Alzheimer disease. All of them eat food until they eventually succumb to one disease or another. In effect, we all age, we all deteriorate, and eventually we all die. I don’t care if you are worth 2 cents or 200 billion dollars. The same rules apply to all of us.

How we handle this problem of aging populations is going to take genius level intelligence. Most likely that will not be found in government leadership. I refer to all government, not just the government here.

The maximum amount of time given us on this planet is very variable. I think the maximum age of any individual on this planet in modern times has been 126 years and that is not documented very well. The Bible says 120 years is the maximum and I believe that might be a better answer.

Industry generally gives up on people at the age of 62-70 years of age. Though a lot of modern companies try to get rid of their (Read More....)

We Are All Mortal . . .

Authored By Dave Webb

We are all mortal. At least everyone I know appears to be.

Every day, those of us who are old read newspapers, look at the Obits. Nope, I am not in there today. But maybe some of my friends are . . .

Any life insurance company can tell you the odds of being in the Obits today. Depending on your age, the odds keep going up that this is your day to die. Seems like it is very morbid, doesn’t it?

If you are 100 years old, then you have beaten some fairly heavy odds. If you are 110, the odds are even greater. If you are 115-120, your odds of living are approximately 7 billion to 1 against being here tomorrow or the next week or the next year.After the age of about 42, women shouldn’t even try to have babies. The cost to their health might be too high. For instance, arthritic conditions occur because of the lack of reproduction of the vital substances in the bone, which incidentally are constantly replacing themselves under normal circumstances. In pregnancy, (Read More....)