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HOW TO Make Your Own Laundry Soap

One of the biggest expenses that I run across when I wash my clothes is the laundry soap. Because of my family’s allergies and desire to go organic, I have a hard time finding affordable soap that actually works. I have scoured stores and clipped coupons, but it is always hard to find.

Then I found out that I could make my own laundry soap, and it works great. This simple recipe can be changed depending on your family’s needs and desires. As a matter of fact, I add a scoop of Oxyclean to my heavily-soiled loads, but this laundry soap really does get your clothes clean and smelling fresh. I also switch out the bar soap I add to a handmade type that I found at my local farmer’s market, so feel free to find your own additions and substitutions to the recipe!
Tools needed:

· Grater
· Measuring cup
· Spoon
· Airtight container


· 1 box (Arm & Hammer) Washing Soda
· 1 box (20 Mule Team) Borax
· 1 pack of (Ivory) Bar Soap

The names in parenthesis are the brand names I can find, but you can (Read More....)