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18 Natural Remedies for Common Ailments

There are a few things that happen to all of us in our lifetimes. From brain freeze to having an arm fall asleep to having a stuffy nose, we all seem to suffer from the same ailments. Here are some fun and natural ways to fight back without medication or hardship. These easy tips will leave you wondering how you ever got along without them!

1. Tickle in your throat – We all have times that our throat tickles and itches for apparently no reason. This is frustrating and irritating to say the least. A great remedy for this is to scratch your ear. By stimulating the nerves in your ear you create a reflex in your throat that can cause a muscle spasm that will relive the tickle. It seems like an odd combination, but it does work!

2. Hear clearer –Having trouble hearing and understanding someone who is speaking? Try listening with your right ear. By turning your right ear towards them you can pick up a greater understanding of what they are saying. The right ear is better at understanding speech patterns. However if you are trying to pick out a song or a musical tone, try using your left ear. It is better at music and noise.

3. Hold it longer – Have to urinate? Do not worry about jumping up and down or wiggling around. Instead distract your body with primal thinking. Think about sex to get your mind (Read More....)

How To Be An Informed Patient

Some people have blind faith in their doctors and are loyal to their healthcare professionals to the end. This allegiance to a physician is admirable, but not always necessary or wise. You owe it to yourself to get the best health care possible. As with making any decision, informed healthcare consumers get better results than uninformed patients do.

Determine the need for a second opinion

While advancing technology continues to sharpen the accuracy of diagnostic testing, it is still impossible to correctly diagnose an illness 100 percent of the time, especially on the first try. Many insurance companies require a second opinion to reduce the rate of diagnostic errors. Medicare will pay up to 80 percent for a second, or even a third, opinion when a major surgery or procedure is involved in order to gain a consensus on the diagnosis and best course of treatment. Most family doctors will not be offended if you ask them for a referral. Consider a second opinion whenever you face a serious illness or complex surgical procedure.

Find an alternate doctor

Ask friends and relatives or use the Internet to find a general physician or specialist in your area. Each doctor may have a different opinion (Read More....)