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Vitamins to Help You Feel Better Fast

When you are not feeling well you want to get better fast. However most over the counter medications only treat the symptoms and wear off quickly. What can you do to feel better without having to take a bunch of medication? Try these vitamins:

1.    Vitamin C Vitamin C is found naturally in things like citrus fruits. If you ingest a lot of vitamin C it has been proven to reduce your chances of getting a cold or virus and also shorten the amount of time it is in your system. This is because vitamin C strengthens your immune system. Another advantage to vitamin C is that it is very hard to take too much. It is processed by your body quickly, so you also need to ingest large mounts regularly for the full effects.

2.    (Read More....)

Keeping Patients Comfortable

Having a doctor’s appointment isn’t the type of event that has me jumping out of bed first thing in the morning and anxious to get my day started. Regardless, I needed an ultrasound on my neck and throat and I felt apprehensive. Would the procedure hurt? Would the doctor be able to diagnose the cause of my discomfort? Doctors, specialists, technicians, dentists and their office staff often forget that patients feel anxiety. Rather than add apprehension to an already stressed patient, medical professionals can implement several techniques that limit patient anxiety and increase comfort.

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Before the appointment

Answering the phone with courtesy demonstrates respect and is the first step toward establishing good patient rapport. Using a kind tone of voice and offering assistance without being prompted gives patients confidence in the medical staff. The attitude of the front office staff conveys the practice’s overall attitude. I always feel respected and comfortable when the receptionist welcomes and addresses me by my surname and focuses on me instead of on personal conversations. Returning a (Read More....)

Reduce Candida Using Holistic Treatments And Diets

When I had viral fever I took antibiotics to get rid of the infection. But it lead to itchiness and redness in my private body parts leading to yeast infection. Yeast Infection cannot be attributed to one single factor but it is generally triggered by several internal factors, external factors, and combination of both as well. One of the reasons for having Candida symptoms or yeast infection is the use of antibiotics. This is due to the fact that while killing the bacteria for which you’re taking the antibiotic it also kills more than that. Due to this there is an imbalance of micro-organism that allows the yeast infection to grow. Yeast infection thrives in moist areas of the body and itching is the first symptom for Candida. The answer to balance what the antibiotics have done is to take probiotics.

Where does Candida occur?

There are several reasons for getting Candida or yeast infection. They generally occur in moist and dark places of the human body. Typically it occurs in the

* private areas,

* groin

* arm pits,

* between toes and fingers,

* under the breasts

* and lining of (Read More....)