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When Patients Choose Risk

Life is risky, and every day we are all exposed to some amount of danger. While most people don’t ever want to increase their risks in life, many medical patients often choose to take really shocking risks when there is a chance they will improve their terminal condition, lose weight, or even cure acne. It is pretty surprising how frequently people put their lives in danger with in order to help themselves with both small and large conditions. So what types of procedures are patients risking their lives for?

Certain risks that patients take when they are doing procedures or choosing certain drug treatments can be pretty minor, such as when a person develops an increased sensitivity to the sun. However, other risks are great, and consequences of treatment can be pretty severe. In-vitro fertilization, for example, is one of the riskiest moves that women are lining up to make in the modern era. Of course, there are many benefits of the fertilization if it works, but the negative consequences of fertilization gone wrong are well documented and risks include: multiple births and infant mortality of one or more of the fetuses, kidney and urinary tract complications, bleeding of the uterus, and ovarian hyper stimulation which is related to a whole host of further complications.

Many times people take health risks with their medications without really noticing that they are (Read More....)