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Tips For Taking Control Of Your Weight And Getting Healthy

People are reluctant to admit that they have done something wrong with their lifestyle choices. When you are able to admit that you are responsible for your actions, then the healthy lifestyle will come naturally to you. Blaming others for your choices is only toxic. Taking control of your weight and getting healthy requires personal responsibility, and then you will be able to achieve all of your goals.

Get Involved

Getting involved in a dieting community is the first step you can take in the right direction. There are hundreds of online forums that will motivate you. There are tons of people out there that have lost a hefty amount of weight and kept it off for at least a few years. The diet world will also give you advice on Sensa and how to use it properly. Other dieters will hold you accountable and keep you motivated.

Keep A Journal

A journal of your progress is the perfect way to see how far you have come or what needs improvement. Recording your daily food and intake will let you see where you make mistakes. It will also keep you accountable. Seeing your choices on paper makes it (Read More....)

Diet And Exercise For Success For Career-Obsessed Individuals

I don’t know when they got there but I know how. I’m talking about the little tires I carry with me around my waist everywhere I go. My calorie-centered diet and sedentary lifestyle have everything to do with these unwanted layers but as to when they settled there, I’m not too clear. What I know for sure is that there is a clear difference between me when I started blogging and me today. Clearly, years of sitting at my computer for hours on end on a daily basis have taken their toll.

The impact of being overweight in my blogging career

Along with the extra pounds came a decline in my output despite the 10-hour shifts I was putting in. I was not the fresh blogger full of zest I once was.  Alarmed by these unwelcome developments, I drew a line in the sand (I really did!) and set out to look for a way to regain my lither self without surrendering the thing I love most- blogging.

Now I’m not a gym person; lifting anything heavier than my laptop is a no-no for me. So I opted for a trip to a local dietician. What I gained from that five minute jaunt really has revolutionized my existence. Not only have I discarded a significant amount of fat, my metabolism rate has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels; all in just a couple of weeks. I’m sure you’re curious as to the mechanics behind (Read More....)