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5 Kinds of Conditions Commonly Treated by Urgent Care Facilities

The first and most important thing that many people forget when it comes to the emergency room is simply that it is meant for emergencies. If you can’t breathe, you have unbearable chest pain, or you’re bleeding profusely for any reason, you should go to the emergency room – in fact, if you go anywhere else with emergency symptoms, they will probably put you in an ambulance and send you there immediately. But if your condition is not life-threatening, you will save yourself a lot of time and money by going to an urgent care facility, where they treat a long list of ailments – many of them still very urgent, but some not so urgent. These are some of the most common conditions that an urgent care can help you with.

1. Wounds

Emergency room care is for the more serious wounds, but urgent care treats puncture wounds and injuries caused by glass, nails, and other foreign bodies that can cause infection. They also treat wounds that have become infected and are slow to heal or have developed an abscess. A doctor at an urgent care will (Read More....)