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Jenny McCarthy And Jim Carrey Viciously Attacked In The Mainstream Media Because They Are Willing To Speak The Truth About The Dangers Of Vaccines

Jenny McCarthy And Jim Carrey Warn About The Dangers Of VaccinesThere are certain things that politicians and celebrities are never, ever supposed to question publicly.  One of those things is vaccines.  You see, even though there is a massive grassroots awakening about the danger of vaccines taking place across the United States, the big money that controls the mainstream media is not about to let any public figure openly question the safety of vaccines.  Two of the celebrities who have been willing to buck the system and speak publicly about the dangers of vaccines have been Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey.  You see, Jenny McCarthy’s son developed autism after getting a vaccine and that made her mad.  It made her so mad that she got educated and started speaking out about the link between autism and vaccines.  Since then, both Jenny McCarthy and her partner Jim Carrey have been regularly skewered in the (Read More....)