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Reduce Candida Using Holistic Treatments And Diets

When I had viral fever I took antibiotics to get rid of the infection. But it lead to itchiness and redness in my private body parts leading to yeast infection. Yeast Infection cannot be attributed to one single factor but it is generally triggered by several internal factors, external factors, and combination of both as well. One of the reasons for having Candida symptoms or yeast infection is the use of antibiotics. This is due to the fact that while killing the bacteria for which you’re taking the antibiotic it also kills more than that. Due to this there is an imbalance of micro-organism that allows the yeast infection to grow. Yeast infection thrives in moist areas of the body and itching is the first symptom for Candida. The answer to balance what the antibiotics have done is to take probiotics.

Where does Candida occur?

There are several reasons for getting Candida or yeast infection. They generally occur in moist and dark places of the human body. Typically it occurs in the

* private areas,

* groin

* arm pits,

* between toes and fingers,

* under the breasts

* and lining of (Read More....)