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Go Organic To Lose Weight

Everybody is talking about organic diet, organic clothes, organic treatments and organic everything. Well, almost. Has anyone ever really tried to understand what organic means? The simple answer to it is that which is naturally grown without using any inducers is Organic. Nowadays plants and vegetables are genetically engineered and given hormonal injections to accelerate their growth. Due to this the vegetables grow faster and the yield from the plant is also more. But the soil as well as the plant lose its nutrients and are not usable for the next growth cycle.  Moreover the artificially grown vegetables and fruits lose natural nutrients and are also poor in taste. Though they look attractive and their colors are appealing to the eyes, eating these artificially pumped with hormone veggies and fruits make us humans obese and we get all sorts of diseases. The recent epidemic of bird flu is an example.

Be Natural

More and more people are going the natural way. Growing your own vegetables with manure made of cow dung and tea leaves will aid in growing natural vegetables and fruits. Organic manure can be made with dried leaves, cow dung, vegetable and fruits peel and used tea leaves and etc. In fact you can also make (Read More....)