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How You Can Benefit from Growing Your Own Garden

What could be better than stepping out the door first thing in the morning and picking a bowl of organic and natural strawberries or grapes for breakfast? It’s so easy to do that there is no reason not to plant a grape and strawberry garden.  It’s cheap and very environmentally friendly.

How to Start a Grape Vine

Grapes come in various seedless and seed varieties and can be started for free. Take a cruise through the neighborhood, and look for neighbors growing grapes. After finding a variety of grape that’s ideal, ask the neighbor for a first year branch that’s about eight-inches in length. This will be a young and succulent branch that’s bright green and not woody. The best time to find this branch is in spring, right after the leaves open on the grape plant.

Take it home and stick it in a vase with water while the planting medium is prepared. Fill a shallow wooden box with clean sand. Beach sand will work fine. Make sure the box has drain holes. Take the grape branch and snip the lower leaves away, leaving a stem with a (Read More....)

Making Organic Living Convenient

There’s always that one mom in the playgroup that just makes the rest of us feel like we’re not green enough – you know who I’m talking about. Her kids only wear clothes manufactured from sustainably harvested, fair-trade hemp. Her mini-van runs on used vegetable oil. When it’s her turn to provide the weekly snack, she brings veggies picked fresh from the garden growing underneath her solar panels. Most annoying of all, even though she only showers once a week to conserve water, she always looks completely put together and amazing, probably from all of those exercise classes.

So, even though you sort of hate this woman, you still kinda want to emulate her green creds. It’s not as if you want to give up your daily shower and build a wind farm in your backyard, but it would still be nice to go more organic. After all, organic is healthier and better for the environment: Studies show that an organic diet can shield children from exposure to pesticides and hormones; provide more nutrients; and contain more cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Luckily, there are a few simple ways to incorporate organic living into your lifestyle. From composting to (Read More....)

The Food Safety Law That Threatens To Destroy Small Farmers And Organic Growers All Across America

****Today we have a guest post by Barbara Fix.  She is an outstanding writer and I think that you are really going to enjoy what she has to share with us below.  We encourage everyone to visit Barbara at Survival Diva Blog****  Our food chain has been under attack for quite some time. The newest attack, Bill S.510, the Food Safety and Modernization Act, introduced by Senator Harry Reid, makes all the other grabs for our sovereignty pale in comparison. Bill S. 510 has the potential to control our food chain, taking away our ability to buy organically grown fruits and vegetables, and some warn, will open the family garden to scrutiny and complete control. If you’re willing to go down into the depths of darkness in search of the reason for this Bill, consider a day when we are not allowed to purchase heirloom or hybrid garden seed, and are instead allotted GMO seed (more on GMO in my next article).

The following quote best sums up what we are facing:

“If accepted [S 510] would (Read More....)