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Tips For Coping with Seasonal Depression

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Between family parties and braving shopping malls, the holidays are often a hectic time of the year.  For most, it is a good sort of hectic, filled with smiles and happy memories.  For others, however, the holidays are a hard time, filled with anxiety and tears.  For many, who suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD or grief, these feelings occur all the time.  For others, however, these blues occur in the winter.  Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a well-recognized disorder that affects millions each year.  While there is still no cure, effective treatments can help sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder continue living in spite of the disorder.

The first question to ask is “Do I have (Read More....)

4 Low Calorie Foods that Boost Your Body’s Metabolism

Any nutritionist will tell you that the way to lose weight is not to starve yourself; it’s to eat the right foods. What causes you to put on weight is not eating food but eating more calories than your body burns. When this happens the excess calories are converted to fat and stored in various places in the body, especially around the hips and belly. So if you don’t change your diet, you will keep accumulating those jiggly tyres around your midriff. Thankfully, nature has provided us with foods that we can use to not only control our weight, but keep us healthy and whole. Which foods are these?

1. Beans and Other Legumes

These, among other legumes have long been touted as a fat-free replacement for meat as a source of protein. But this is only half the story; beans have been found to encourage increased production of a digestive hormone called cholecystokinin which works to quell the appetite. A research carried out at the University of California found that the hormone was highest in people who ate a meal that included beans than in those who didn’t eat the legumes. As a bonus, beans also stabilize blood sugar levels, allowing you to keep hunger pangs at bay longer. A close relative of beans, the soy bean, also adds plenty to your arsenal in the battle (Read More....)

Diet And Exercise For Success For Career-Obsessed Individuals

I don’t know when they got there but I know how. I’m talking about the little tires I carry with me around my waist everywhere I go. My calorie-centered diet and sedentary lifestyle have everything to do with these unwanted layers but as to when they settled there, I’m not too clear. What I know for sure is that there is a clear difference between me when I started blogging and me today. Clearly, years of sitting at my computer for hours on end on a daily basis have taken their toll.

The impact of being overweight in my blogging career

Along with the extra pounds came a decline in my output despite the 10-hour shifts I was putting in. I was not the fresh blogger full of zest I once was.  Alarmed by these unwelcome developments, I drew a line in the sand (I really did!) and set out to look for a way to regain my lither self without surrendering the thing I love most- blogging.

Now I’m not a gym person; lifting anything heavier than my laptop is a no-no for me. So I opted for a trip to a local dietician. What I gained from that five minute jaunt really has revolutionized my existence. Not only have I discarded a significant amount of fat, my metabolism rate has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels; all in just a couple of weeks. I’m sure you’re curious as to the mechanics behind (Read More....)

What Should You Drink During A Candida Diet?

Candida diet plan is essential for people suffering from a medical condition known as Candidiasis. This medical condition is signified by the growth of organisms known as Candida albicans in the intestinal system of the affected person. The microorganism releases toxins into the host body and causes a person to fall ill. With the help of Candida diet some of the foods or ingredients that can help the sustenance of this organism are eliminated. When growth and multiplication of candida albicans is stopped by constraining yourself from certain types of foods and drinks you can quickly take on the path of recovery.

As all types of sugar are eliminated as a part of Candida diet, thus it is difficult to figure out what to drink. Most people are prone to drinking soda, ice tea, fruit juice and other sugary drinks. It is difficult for the Candida affected people to give up these drinks. Most of you might be left dismayed to find that light soda or fruit juice which was an essential part of their diet cannot be gulped any longer as they contain artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame feed the Candida organisms in the same manner as regular sugar. Though old (Read More....)