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5 Reasons To Not Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast can offer a few downsides to the immediate sense of temporary weight loss. A few scenarios are likely to happen: 1) a person becomes so hungry that by lunchtime they overeat to compensate for what was missed at breakfast; 2) unhealthy eating in a desperate attempt to replace those missed calories; 3) the body assumes “starvation mode” and any subsequent food taken in later in the day ensures weight gain; 4) the body’s metabolism slows down and 5) possible muscle loss due to the body’s need to “eat” something.

Skipping Breakfast Causes Overeating

The human body seeks balance at all times. Skipping breakfast oftentimes causes the body to eat in excess later in the day to gain calories that were missed in the morning. However, a person that normally participates in breakfast-skipping may or may not experience this urgency in recovering those calories. The human body gets use to patterns of behavior for the sake of its homeostasis.

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