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3 Organic Foods That Can Help Lose Belly Fat

No food actually burns fat, but by replacing the fatty, carbohydrate-rich foods in
your diet with healthy organic alternatives, you can control your weight and get rid of ugly belly fat. Here are a few great organic foods that will help you cut the size of your midsection.

1. Oranges and Grapefruits – Organic citrus fruits are delicious, so you won’t
mind replacing donuts and cereal with some fresh fruit every morning.  The
caloric savings are enormous, as oranges only have about 60-80 calories and
grapefruits only have 80-100.These fruits also help your body burn calories during exercise, so by eating citrus early in the day, you’ll make your mid-afternoon or evening workout much more effective.

2. Avocados – Your body needs fat, but it doesn’t need donuts and
cheeseburgers.  Organic avocados have high levels of mono-saturated fats, which
helps you control your blood sugar levels.  This is important when (Read More....)