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Some Organic Products Contain Chemicals

365oOrganicSurprisingly 360 and Jason Organic Products contain Petro Chemicals. On the Jason Label they proclaim, “natural & organic” Products like Avalon, Beauty without Cruelty, ShiKai and Aubrey Organics are organic, although the 365 label was the most inexpensive, but now with testing, it also proves to contain Chemicals.


  • Organic Diapers

    Wow, you can never be too careful! Our organic diapers have been tested to make sure we are 100% organic. Nice post.

  • Jame Shurman

    For the record, hardly any pesticides are used on commercially grown rice. I am involved in rice farming in Northeast Arkansas on the edge of one of highest rice producing counties in the country. More than anything else, herbicides are used on rice but the majority of those are hardly toxic in the amount that MIGHT make it to the end users kitchen.

  • dog food natural

    It’s amazing how good you start to feel when you eat these foods. I find that I really crave them when I’ve been eating too much unhealthy food.