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Reduce Candida Using Holistic Treatments And Diets

When I had viral fever I took antibiotics to get rid of the infection. But it lead to itchiness and redness in my private body parts leading to yeast infection. Yeast Infection cannot be attributed to one single factor but it is generally triggered by several internal factors, external factors, and combination of both as well. One of the reasons for having Candida symptoms or yeast infection is the use of antibiotics. This is due to the fact that while killing the bacteria for which you’re taking the antibiotic it also kills more than that. Due to this there is an imbalance of micro-organism that allows the yeast infection to grow. Yeast infection thrives in moist areas of the body and itching is the first symptom for Candida. The answer to balance what the antibiotics have done is to take probiotics.

Where does Candida occur?

There are several reasons for getting Candida or yeast infection. They generally occur in moist and dark places of the human body. Typically it occurs in the

* private areas,

* groin

* arm pits,

* between toes and fingers,

* under the breasts

* and lining of the mouth.

Yeast Infection of the private areas, one of the commonest forms of yeast Infection is basically an internal condition triggered by more than one factor and hence very difficult to handle. Private area Yeast Infection maybe treated with antifungal medications applied in and around the private area or medications taken orally. At times mixed infections of more than one microbe require combination of treatments. It is best to discuss your symptoms with your health professional before use of non-prescribed medication as there is always a risk that your symptoms maybe the cause of another private area infection say STD which requires different treatment.

Candida symptoms

* Itchiness

* Rashes

* Pain

* Uncomfortable sensation

* Stickiness

* Craving for sugary food

Candida symptoms should not be ignored. There are several over the counter medication and creams that will help to get rid of yeast infection temporarily. But these are not permanent solutions. It may reoccur. The best way to get rid of Candida is to go for holistic treatment. This will not have any side effects and is safe.

Candida Treatment

Instead of taking pills and capsules it is best to take fresh foods that are rich in probiotics that kill the infection.

I took yoghurt which is a universal cure for Candida. The ‘good bacteria’ present in yoghurt help to repopulate friendly bacteria in the body. In turn it kills the infection. Here is how you can take it.

Take a cup of yoghurt first thing in the morning on empty stomach. The good bacteria work well and give maximum effect if taken this way. Also avoid taking anything else for 30 minutes after taking yoghurt. It is believed that the probiotics contained in the yoghurt helps to rejuvenate the skin also.

Garlic is another food that can help to guard against Candida. Allicin that is contained in garlic prevents yeast infection. You can take three or four pearls of garlic raw and chew it or take it with milk. Adding garlic to your diet is good for the heart and prevents acidity also.

Eating salads made of fresh fruits and vegetables will help to prevent Candida. Nuts and seeds, legumes, beans, Herbal tea, green tea, lemon water and gluten free grains and pastas are best suited as Candida free diet. Ask the dietician before you take diets like weight watchers deals, so that you get a Candida free diet.

Wear cotton clothes especially under wears. Lose clothes and cotton clothes will help the air to circulate and keep the body parts dry and moist free. This helps to a major extent in preventing yeast infection.

Also alternative medicine, Homeopathy which is popular in Asia/ India has permanent cure for yeast infection/ Candida. There are no side effects for Homeopathy medicines. These are sugar granules soaked in medicines and are easy to take.

Instead of spending time and money on visiting doctors and still not getting cured it is better to go in for a holistic cure for yeast infection. A few lifestyle changes and additions and deductions to your daily diet can help to get rid of Candida in a major way. Instead of drugging yourself go for holistic approach and see yourself cured in the most natural way; after all nature has showered her boundless bounties on us. Let’s make use of it to get rid of this dreaded infection.

Author Bio- Joel Adams is a Health and Wellness writer who likes to write about holistic approach to life. He also makes available Bistro md offer code on his website for diet and fitness enthusiasts. His penchant for coupons and discounts makes him browse for the same all over the net.

  • Standing_Bear

    We need to also understand that people who have chronic nail fungus are likely candida sufferers. A severe case of intestinal candida memicks the symptoms of colitis. In many cases an individual is suffering from candida, which traditional medicine ignores, are being treated for colitis. The danger is that most colitis is treated with antibiotics, destroying the vital beneficial bacteria in our gut, along with any bad. If indeed the individual is suffering from candida, the destruction of the beneficial bacteria only prolongs the candida. Your immune system all but shuts down.

    Given the fact that most meat from these factory farms is treated with antibiotics, these antibiotics are passed on to you. Sugar also makes matters worse, and the candida in fact feeds on sugar. You may also be gluten intolerant as well.

  • Kasey Lundberg

    Dear Ryan,First results you will see within two weeks, but for further results depends on how bad toenail fungus do you have. Sometimes it depends on your toenail type, so it’s hard to say exactly.I can guarantee that you will see improvements within first weeks and if you won’t stop using it you will get your toenails nice and smooth.