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Organic Foods: More Than Just Health Benefits

If you are a little health conscious, then you might be aware of the health benefits of organic food. With the declining quality of food and people becoming more conscious about their health, organic food is gaining more attention and popularity. However, when some kind of organic foods are mainly beneficial for your health, there are numerous others that render many other benefits other than health benefits. If you still have any doubts about organic food, then just keep reading to know what you are missing without organic food.

Keeps away from chemicals

Apart from the fact, that organic food consists of more nutrients and that it provides you with more energy and keeps you away from diseases, there are some other benefits that you might not see on the surface, as these are hidden. If you dig down into the benefits that organic food provides, then you will come across many such facts that are beneficial in their own unique way. If you consume organic food, then you will not only keep yourself away from pesticides, and harsh chemicals, but will also help in keeping the environment healthy as well. In organic farming no chemicals are used for farming and farmers use natural fertilizers only.

Healthier plants and animals

Organic plants or food thrives because these are stronger due to the use of organic fertilizers. Not only the plants gain from organic practices but animals also gain a lot from such practices. When it comes to farm animals, they are fed with only organic feed, so you can be sure about the quality of the milk or meat that you get from animals reared as per the organic standards. There will not be any problem such as dying sea, sick birds, or even infertile wildlife due to harmful chemical exposure.

Get healthier environment and improved economy

Organic food renders many other benefits for the environment that include elimination of topsoil erosion, nutrient depletion, pollution, scarred landmark, etc. This is not all, as organic farming that brings organic food to you also helps in supporting your local economy. If you purchase more organic food, then this will help the farmers and also helps in growth of organic farming. Consuming organic food also keeps your family healthy. This is because traditional food practices have been associated with many birth defects such as childhood leukemia, learning disorder, nervous system disorder and autism, and even ADHD. Therefore, by switching towards organic food you can keep your family healthy and happy.

Organic food surpass non-organic food

One of the other benefits of organic food is that, it excludes genetically modified organisms, which are food that comes with a genetically modified structure. If you delve deep into the facts, then you will find out about the glaring deficits of such kind of food. If you weigh the benefits health and other benefits of organic food, then you will surely find out the benefits from organic food outweighs the doubtful goodness of food that are non-organic.

If you are concerned about the cost of organic food, then you should compare the cost of organic food to the cost that you will save on health, because if you stay healthy you can save health care costs, making organic food even more beneficial.


About the author: Rebecca is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and fashion. Beside this she is fond of automobiles. These days she is busy in writing an article on healthy recipes.


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  • Justin Douglas

    This is great information. What really interest me about organic farming is the way they use natural things to kill the bugs that destroy the crops. I think they use bugs that eat the destructive bugs to protect the plants. I will start to look for organic fed meat. I did’nt know that you could get meat that is certified organic as well. Great blog! I am visiting your main health blog now!

  • santé

    Hemp seeds are an awesome food. So nice to see you have rated them so highly. I use the un-shelled hemp seeds on just about everything. I put them in my porridge in the mornings, and i sprinkle them over salads and virtually everything else I eat. I also consume hemp protein daily and in my organic workout shakes.. its a very impressive plant the hemp plant

  • Karyn Kalafarski

    I no longer wear anti-perspirants as it was blocking the pores and I was getting painful swollen lumps under my arms. So now I use deodorant and it works great. I was thinking maybe Julia carries around baby wipes or something similar with her and gives her pits a swipe now and then if they start to stink.

  • Fanny Minella

    Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess baggage, the shorter the trip. Arnold H. Glasgow

  • Reid Lansford

    Organic foods are the best since they dont contain so many toxins compared to synthetic feed foods which might contain melamin and some contamination chemical preservatives.