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Now The Mainstream Media Is Openly Declaring That Vitamins Are A Scam And That Bacon And Eggs Is The Healthiest Way To Start The Day

The other day I was standing in line at the supermarket when I saw the latest issue of Reader’s Digest.  On the cover in big, bold letters was this title: “The Vitamin Scam”.  I thought that I must be seeing things.  But I wasn’t.  Reader’s Digest was actually trying to convince us that those pushing vitamins were trying to scam all of us.  Of course those of us who know the truth just laugh at such nonsense, but the reality is that the vast majority of the American public does not know what to believe about health issues.  Thousands of people are going to believe Reader’s Digest on blind faith.

And that is just sad.  Apparently the natural health industry has gotten so much momentum that now the establishment feels that it must openly attack vitamin supplements.  Just check out the following excerpt from the recent Reader’s Digest article….

Once upon a time, you believed in the tooth fairy. You counted on the stability of housing prices and depended on bankers to be, well, dependable. And you figured that taking vitamins was good for you. Oh, it’s painful when another myth gets shattered. Recent research suggests that a daily multi is a waste of money for most people—and there’s growing evidence that some other old standbys may even hurt your health.

What in the world?

Once upon a time we believed in the tooth fairy?

What kind of propaganda is this?

And that is what it is.


Of course Reader’s Digest would never publish data from those who can show that Vitamin C and Vitamin D can be used to prevent an array of diseases that millions of Americans are suffering from.

No, of course not.

They just want to prop up the notion that there is little you can do to prevent getting sick, and when you do, there are no alternatives except to run to the doctor and get the drugs and surgery you need.

What a bunch of nonsense.

But then later on I saw something that even topped that.

In an article entitled “Fried breakfast is healthiest start to day, say scientists”, a major U.K. newspaper actually tried to convince their readers that a breakfast of bacon, sausage and eggs was an incredibly healthy way to start the day.

Yeah, bacon, sausage and eggs is a great way to start the day – if you want to die soon.

It is no wonder that so many people are sick these days if this is the kind of health advice they get from the mainstream media.

Most people are completely and totally confused when it comes to health issues these days.

If this is the kind of nonsense that the mainstream media is going to keep putting out, we are going to stop buying their newspapers and magazines and we are going to turn off their television programs.

Fortunately, the establishment does not have a monopoly on information these days.  The Internet is a great channel for sharing information, and I know that I have learned a great deal of what I know about health from the Internet.

If you would like to share some of your knowledge about health issues with the audience of this website, please click the “Contact” tab at the top of this page and get in touch with us.  We are looking for some guest posters who have some useful knowledge about natural health to share with us.

Just don’t try to tell us that vitamins are a scam or that bacon and eggs are a good, healthy breakfast.  🙂

  • Roger Langford

    Some vitamin supplements are a scam in as much they are bad for you. For example synthetic vitamin E is toxic so is synthetic vitamin A. This is because they are fat soluble. When researchers want to prove that vitamin E supplements have no healing properties they use synthetic E for their experiments. When researchers want to prove that vitamin E is good for you they use natural source vitamin E.

    As for fat, saturated fat is good for you, without fat in your diet you will become ill and possibly die. Without fat your body cannot utilise the vitamins A and E. Women on low fat diets cannot conceive, etc.

  • fast weight loss

    Great work buddy, Regarding organic healthy it was declaring That Vitamins Are A Scam And Bacon And Eggs Is The Healthiest bout natural health to share with us. keep it up

  • Florida Pain Clinics

    people are totally confused when it comes to health issues these day. People are still in confusion thet Vitamins supplements or Bacon And Eggs Is the Healthiest Way To Start The Day.

  • Ann

    1. There is certainly a belief that oral vitamin supplements may not get absorbed in adequate amounts to be useful to the body. Taking this opinion into consideration, the fact that they are usually expensive would be the “harmful” reason we should avoid them: to re-phrase this, some medical staff will tell you that taking vitamins simply produces “expensive urine.” It is actually a fact that vitamins are better derived from food sources rather than tablets.

    But it certainly would not harm people to take oral vitamins supplements if they lead a busy lifestyle (which is a significant proportion of the working population)or for some other reason cannot eat food properly. Here it must be emphasized that they should be taken for the purpose of being a SUPPLEMENT ONLY- to add to the vitamins derived from food sources; NOT intended to be the sole source of the vitamins in the body.

    2. The eggs are good for breakfast because eggs have a great quality of protein and this is better than taking excessive carbs (some cereals can be overloaded with carbs) but there are lots of other nutritionally better alternatives to combine eggs with, rather than just bacon. Wholegrain toast is an example.