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Is Cross Fit For You?

Cross-fit is basically an athletic and lifestyle training program that focuses on a broad spectrum of activities and changes, rather than specializing in one specific area of fitness.  It’s a very popular program, including aspects of running, gymnastics, lifting, and more.  So how do you determine whether this is a program that will benefit you?  Partly that depends on what you’re looking to achieve, what sort of time you have to devote to it, and what sacrifices you’re willing to make.  Here’s a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages to cross-fit so that you can determine whether it’s a good idea for you or not.

Picture –Eva Twardokens

Cross-fit is not for everyone. There is a commitment required, and it can be very challenging.  You’ll be asked to work on the areas where you are weak in fitness, and you will have to be willing to work hard.

Cross-fit might be for you if you want to improve your fitness, don’t like your current gym routines, don’t enjoy spending hours at the gym, or are just looking for something different.

Positive things you’ll gain from Cross-fit include increased energy, a stronger heart and stronger lungs, weight loss, better sleep, lower risk of disease, a strong immune system, less stress, and a generally better outlook on life.

Cross-fit is designed to develop fitness abilities in a wide number of areas.  The goal is for complete physical fitness.  This includes muscular, cardiovascular, hormonal, and neural fitness.  Because it focuses on a variety of areas, but works on a specific set of skills, the lessons learned in Cross-fit are applicable to other life areas.  Instead of training yourself to do things which are only useful in the gym, Cross-fit focuses on skills that you can use in your daily life.

Cross-fit is easy to set up and contains very basic equipment without the need for heavy equipment.  Most of the times are fairly cheap to purchase and may include sandbags, barbells, dumbbells, ropes, tires, or even sledgehammers.

This program also offers a support system which is partly social and may be available online or through local gyms.  There are a number of forums, events, and blogs that help people to talk about their experiences in Cross-fit and to share fitness experiences together.  People of all age levels can feel comfortable uniting in this type of activity.

Other things that people like about Cross-fit are the challenging nature of the activities, the use of short, but effective workouts, and the facts that it is safe, has a lot of variety, and is tailored to personal levels that are appropriate.

The routines fit easily into a busy schedule without creating even more stress for those who already have hectic days.  Because it is short, intense, and constantly varied, it leaves you time to enjoy the rest of your day, and perhaps even to be better prepared for it.

Cross-fit is a good fit for people who want to try something different and who enjoy exercises that mimic everyday life movements such as pulling, pushing, climbing, jumping, throwing, or running.  It generally focuses on ten specific physical skills:  cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

Also recommended with Cross-fit are dietary changes such as eating meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and fruit, but very little starch and no sugar.


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