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How To Keep Spiritually And Emotionally Healthy In Senior Communities

Being a healthy, well-rounded person has more to do with spiritual and emotional health than some realize. For seniors, it is important to maintain your spiritual and emotional health while living in senior communities in order to live a healthy lifestyle and have an improved quality of life. Every day is precious and should be treated as much by caring for not only your body and physical health, but your emotional state and spiritual well-being as well. This can be achieved through a variety of sessions, treatments, classes and meditation techniques and you will feel the difference in your overall health as a result of it.

Attend Faith Based Services

Attend services at your senior community center that focus on your spirituality, whether that may be a church service for your religious beliefs, or meditation courses to expand your spirituality beliefs. Often times, senior communities offer church services in various religious beliefs such as Catholicism or Christianity. If it does not have church services, you can still expand your beliefs through a support group of like-minded people at the senior community. If your senior community does not offer classes in meditation, you can learn various methods by contacting a holistic practitioner or seeking advice from another resident at the community who has the same beliefs. You may be surprised by how many fellow residents of the community follow the same spiritual path that you do and would be interested in maintaining those beliefs together.

Relaxation Therapy and Techniques

Focus on your breathing and relaxation techniques through stretching exercises and breathing exercises that are specifically designed for seniors. Many senior communities offer exercise classes as one of their fitness activities, and yours might as well. Getting exercise is extremely beneficial to both your spiritual and emotional health by relaxing your mind, body and soul.

Spiritual Development Classes

Inquire about additional classes that focus on spirituality at your community center such as a stress-reduction class.  Many of these classes use a variety of breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques to relax your inner core. Stress-reduction classes are typically focused on easing the mind of all of its stress, worries and anxiety and can help you self-manage many issues you may be facing while living at the senior community. With a healthy mind, your emotional state will be greatly improved and help you live a well-balanced and full life.

Get Referrals from Your Doctor

Seek help from the physicians at your senior living community center to maintain your emotional help. This may involve therapy sessions to get over any issues you are having emotionally or psychologically, or group sessions such as support groups. Support groups are often specific to different issues such as losing a loved one, dealing with a specific medical condition, or to support each other as you all improve your spirituality and emotional health together.