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The Medical System Has Failed Us - Are You Sick Of BEING SICK?

We are paying our Doctors of Medicine to fail- This is how it works. You go to a Doctor and he discovers you have a sugar disease- It is not fatal in the short term. But he needs to prescribe medicine to control it. Usually you are 20-40 pounds or more overweight (Those midnight beers are showing around your middle.)

Does he cure you? No! What he attempts to do is cure your symptoms for you. So for the rest of your life you become one more cash cow for the drug industry- He benefits because by law you have to check in every 3-6 months to make sure the drugs are working as prescribed. This usually means lab tests. The pharmacy wins because you have to take drugs for the rest of your life. Your doctor gets at least 2 to 4 office visits out of you a year. The clinical lab wins because you are now a permanent customer.

What I have described is type II diabetes. Approximately a third of the population of this country will eventually get this “disease” and be on medicines to control it for the rest of their short lives. The disease is progressive. That means he will start you on something like Metformin twice a day. You will get this to lower your blood sugars. A medicine is also given to accelerate your insulin production. Every six months you have to go for a blood test.

The doctor will normally see you, prescribe blood tests, then see you again a week or two later. Two office visits unless you complain. Then the office will send for the blood tests at an outfit like compulab, you will fast for 12 hours, they will give you a test like A1C which measures your 3 month sugar number. He should also check your liver and pancreas levels. Then he will prescribe a medicine for you to control your sugar numbers. Ideally you should have a fasting number of at least 90-110. No one does. But this can go on for years. Ideally again you check your sugars at least twice a day at a dollar a test stick. This has been going on for at least 50 to 75 years. The test strips have improved a little. You can now put them in your arm instead of your finger. Eventually you will become resistant to the point where you need insulin to control it.

See where all this leads?

It leads to a lot of dollars going out the window to maintain you at your current level- It always fails within 15 years. And then you need more and more drugs to contain the sugar levels. If you don’t you are likely to go over 300-If you go over 500 you will pass out. Much more than 600 or 700 you are likely to have a heart attack and die.

Your doctor will also want you on statin drugs. This is the newest and greatest cash cow ever invented. As far as I know most doctors are convinced that it will prevent a heart attack. I am not so sure. The drugs do a lot more than what is advertised according to Internet health experts with medical degrees.

For one thing both metformin and statin drugs leach things out of your body that you need. Things like Coenzyme 10 and B complex vitamins. Chances are your Doctor will not tell you about this. Just like he won’t tell you about the side effects of various medications. He wasn’t briefed by the drug companies so he really probably doesn’t even know.

He has no time for research and development. He or she depends on the drug industry to keep them up to date on what does what. Normally they don’t like to emphasize the side effects of drugs until they are caught at it.

I have a rude and crude understanding of the disease. I have it! So I am really motivated to find a cure. I am at about 12 years into the disease and I am taking insulin to maintain things much to my distress.

Let me translate this for you in a diabetic person. You go to say a hamburger place. You get a Hamburger, Fries, Cold Slaw, and a Dark Chocolate Shake. You are likely to peak above 400 after this meal even if you are taking medicine to control the sugars. It is literally laced with sugar. A Pizza has similar results because of the tomato sauce. The pizza industry typically puts a 5 pound bag of sugar in when they mix the sauce. The batter on a fish sandwich is likely laced with sugar. Though not all do this.

The “wholesome” meal with vegetables is likely to have a lot of sugar in it. If you are diabetic, keep a close blood watch after eating out. Otherwise your kitchen is your best bet to control your sugars. Then we wonder why a third of our population is likely to be obese and diabetic abd I don’t.

You have a wonderful body with intricate mechanisms for repair and stabilization of many things- The doctors, the clinical labs, and the pharmaceutical industries have no interest in finding a cure for type n diabetes- They will eventually be overwhelmed by potential cures- They know this and are doing everything in their power to keep it from happening. I suspect they would resort to hitmen if they had to with this much money involved.

We have found a number of cures- Mostly in lab rats with induced type II. They are cured- Why aren’t we? Well for one reason, the entire disease is deliberately misunderstood by the Doctors. Who informs the doctors? The drug industry normally holds seminars and wines and dines them. Then they tell them about the latest and greatest patented, copyrighted, or other legal manipulations, drugs they have come up with to maintain the disease. There is no profit to be made if we are cured …

The blood sticks we test with. They could have put a decent monitoring system in place 10-15 years ago. They didn’t. Why? They are getting approximately a $1 a strip. Average person according to Medicare needs 2 strips a day. Type one and insulin diabetics need 3-5 strips a day. Add it up. Lots of numbers here. So we all get to prick our fingers or armsevery day to the tune of megabucks for someone. Insurance does not cover the cost of these sticks. I am not even sure how much Medicare covers insulin. That is how I know the numbers are really high. If it were  normal numbers Medicare would cover it.

Potential cures without drugs are out there. Our bodies have an alternate mechanism for dealing with sugars. It is our muscles. Moderate and frequent exercise will bring sugars down. Diet and weight reduction early on will work. If you are on insulin this won’t work. The insulin’s job is to convert sugars into fat. Get the picture? You have a stacked deck. Exercise will work. It is difficult to exercise when your body is fighting fat and gravity. But it is possible. Only if you are very stubborn and determined.

A Vegan diet shows possibilities if you stay away from wheat and grains. Not really feasible for most of us. It is only healthy if you take pills to substitute for things necessary in your diet that we get from meat.Short term it is great. About a year or two into Vegan diets you will suddenly find yourself without any energy. That is because the supplementation is necessary to maintain the diet.

Our bodies were designed to run on a fuel supply. We have alternate food supplies available laced with a high octane fuel called sugar. Our bodies were designed to be fueled by one kind of fat or another. When we introduced carbohydrates and sugars into the mix, it was like putting 110 octane fuel in your car. The body is not designed to handle it.

Our bodies were designed to run with exercise to the muscles. Not all but most people that frequently exercise in moderation live long lives. The rest of us according to the insurance industry are likely to live short lives. Guess which one benefits Social Security and the government. Once we are off the payroll of taxes, the government
benefits if we die.

Money motivates our drug industry, our doctors, our labs, and our government. So guess why you will never see a cure for cash cows…like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and numerous other diseases out there we have had around for 50 years or more with no progress on a cure.

How many unnecessary procedures must we put up with before someone says “stop” this is not working? How many useless vaccinations are out there that cause autism in children? We are mandating vaccinations in our schools. A lot of them contain drugs that are fillers. Those fillers cause problems. Mercury and its associated compounds are an example of this. Yet it is not unusual for a child to get 12 vaccinations before he or she can start public school.

This is all because our medical industries are about money, not cures. And that is the big mistake we have all made. By the way the drug industry legislated through Congress that they are not liable for side effects of vaccinations.

We have turn the entire industry on its end. The motivation of money is not a bad thing in itself. We have to motivate them to find good cures instead of cash cows. Like belling a cat, I don’t really know how we are going to do that… it has already gone too far.

(Authored by Dave Webb)