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H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Deaths Being Reported All Over Europe

Swine Flu Vaccine DangersH1N1 swine flu vaccine deathsNormally people do not drop dead after taking a vaccine. More commonly, the adverse effects of taking a vaccine take a while to show up, as only later victims develop autism, dementia, neurological disorders, paralysis, infertility or cancer (among a wide variety of other conditions). However, numerous reports are now coming in from all over Europe of people becoming seriously ill and even dropping dead after getting injected with the H1N1 swine flu vaccine.

*In Sweden, there have been over 350 reported serious adverse reactions to the H1N1 swine flu vaccine, and there have been five people who have died there after taking the vaccine.  Reportedly there is now a media blackout on reporting any additional deaths from the swine flu vaccine as the authorities do not want to discourage people from getting the vaccine.

*In Northern Ireland, a 15-year-old boy fell seriously ill and was on the verge of death less than 24 hours after receiving the swine flu vaccine.

*A 64 year old woman in Hungary recently dropped dead two days after she received the swine flu vaccine.

*The Flu Case website is reporting on other deaths from the swine flu vaccine in Europe, but so far those reports have not been confirmed.

In addition, on our sister site Bird Flu Pandemic, our readers have been reporting numerous horror stories regarding the swine flu vaccine…..


my daughter is a nurse. She was at another clinic as a patient one day after H1N1 vaccines started. The staff there let her know that one man collapsed after getting the shot. A nurse that she went to school with had the vaccine and her arm went partially paralyzed. The feeling came back into her arm slightly and now she is in sheer pain.  Don’t get the H1N1 shot, or flu shots if you haven’t.please.


My friend was diagnosed w/GBS today. She had the H1N1 vaccine on Tuesday. She woke up friday morn. with one side of her face paralized, now almost her whole face is paralized. She is starting blood and plasma transfusions tonight. She will be transferred to Barnes hospital soon for more extensive testing. To those who laugh at the severity of this strange, unknown sickness and vaccine I hope you stay informed and not ignorant.


I am a healthcare employee…..the only vaccine offered to employees was the live vaccine. I decided to get it and be the “guinea pig” instead of my toddler. Received the nasal spray on Tuesday, woke up Wednesday with a sore throat and stuffy nose, Thursday had a terrible chest congestion/cough with fever and splitting headache, Friday all symptoms were worse and I couldn’t breathe! I was diagnosed on Friday with H1N1 and pneumonia….. good thing I got the vaccine, huh?

The reality is that the swine flu vaccine is untested and unsafe.  The vaccine manufacturers have been given blanket immunity by Congress so you cannot sue them if something goes wrong.  There are going to be many more serious side effects and many more deaths from the swine flu vaccine.  Make sure that your family is not the next vaccine horror story.

  • Angel_B

    Many of the vaccines in Europe and the rest of the world contain adjuvants to boost the immune response to the vaccine. Adjuvants have been associated with a higher prevalence of reactions. In the US, the vaccines DO NOT have adjuvants. Also, in order to avoid the thimerisol, simply ask for the preservative free version of the vaccine. Do your own research people. If someone was diagnosed within 10 days of getting the vaccine with H1N1 it was because they were exposed to the virus before the vaccine had a chance to become effective. In being a healthcare employee, I venture to say that someone you came in contact with had the virus, you did not get sick from the vaccine.

  • Dr Mike

    I’m am both astounded and appalled by the frenzy and fervor with which the media shills are pushing the flu shots. It’s essentially every page from the progaganda play book, including appeal to scarcity, jump on the bandwagon, control through fear, cherry-picking the results of studies and outright lies. In 1999 I got the flu shot and pneumovax and wound up hospitalized with flu and near killer pneumonia. I’ve had asthma ever since and will never get vaccine of any kind again.

  • suddencall

    The main problem with the advise from government health advisors is that the government in the USA has zero creditability.The liars have no bounds and no morals at all.

  • Nancy

    US vaccines DO contain an adjuvant. It’s called aluminum!! Do your homework please.

  • Tom Mahon

    Like the HIV virus, the H1N1 virus doesn’t appear to be a natural virus orignating from nature. It appears to bear all the hallmarks of a virus created in a lab and deliberately disseminated among the public.

  • Elucidatus

    US Vaccinations also have what you call traces of Mercury..

  • Elucidatus

    Here are your adjuvants… Angel_B please do your homework.

  • susie q

    Actually, you people need to get your info correct. Adjuvent is not aluminum. I know you want to think it is because you are all convinced it is what causes autism(which by the way a study was just released this past week that concluded that there is absolutely no connection between the two) Adjuvent is a small chopped up amount of the dead virus suspended in an fish oil based substance that increases the efficacy and speed of the vaccine. It is not aluminum. This is why they are recommending that people with fish allergies get the non adjuvent vaccine. And if you dig deeper you will discover that 98% of the people who have had serious side effects or death have had underlying health issue some known to the patient, some not known, that created the side effects. I’m sorry but those numbers don’t warrant my kid dying or developing a neurological problem because I didn’t vaccinate them. You have to look at the bigger picture. Yeah, I would probably be inconsolable if i vaccinated them and something happened but knowing the numbers, I would never forgive myself if there was someway I could prevent it and I didn’t.

  • Connectingdots

    Hi Folks!
    Just wanna let you know that the poster below me is an imposter and is Actually a Big pharma empolyee working as a Moderator on another flu tracking site. ALL his posts’ are pro-vaccine..even when presented with the list of dangers incurred by the adjuvants!!!..THIMEROSOL,MERCURY,Tween 80,Formalydehyde,ect..



  • Erin

    Has anyone bothered to look up the statistics on how $any people die annually from the seasonal flu vaccine? The numbers are different only because there is a different amount of people rushing to get H1N1 vaccine. I cannot tell anyone what to do or think but in my city over 5000 vaccines (nasal & injection) have been given out to high risk (children 6 months -24yrs,caretakers of infants under 6 months, healthcare employees,people with underlying health issues) and NO one has died. Yes there has been reactions. I for 1 had an extreme head ache and was nauseous for about 24 hrs. Did I rin to doctor? No there was no way to know if vaccine TRULY caused it. I do not work for govt or Pharma comp. I am a wife & new mother that wants to protect my 4 month old son and feel extremely sorry for those that listen to others and basically get involved with mass hysteria!

  • glory

    For erin and others who are pro vaccinations. Please visit the following websites:
    No vaccine has ever been proven safe or effective!!!

  • chris

    Ok Here is some info I received from the CDC/Health Department that is contacting local schools and preschools as points to come to do mass vaccine clinic’s. I had heard that anyone receiveing the H1N1 live nasal vaccine was contagious for 3 weeks so I called to get clarifications. I was told that actually they were only contagious for 21 days( ah what is that 3 weeks right) and specifically to those with compromised immune system. When I asked if they are contagious for so long why are they out in the general public to spread it and the around the bush answer I received was well in the general population it would be rare for someone to contract the virus if they were healthy. the number you can call to verify this information is 1 8773523581 or 7278246964 I read the paperwork that parents must sign and it clearly states that your rights to sue is limited. I had the H1 N1 already and do not wish for anyone to suffer unneccasarily. Please read the information that is out there and make an informed decision about getting the vaccine. Look at the vaccine from the 1933 and 1970’s and the outcomes there.

  • Nancy

    PubMed says aluminun IS AN ADJUVANT! How much more evidence do you need???

  • EdmanThunder

    @ susie q

    they put 25μg of ethyl merc into the vaccines (ethyl is 49.6% merc) so even the 17.5μg (low concentrations range 0.7–42 μg/m3 in lab tests) is still in the toxicity levels to !!MINIMALLY!! do tremors, impair cognitive skills, and sleep disturbance. quote “It (ethyl mercury) probably does not have methylmercury’s ability to cross the blood-brain barrier via a transporter, but instead relies on simple diffusion to enter the brain.” !!AND!! one of his colleagues -Burbacher has stated “In primates, you actually get more mercury in the brain after exposure to ethyl mercury than with methyl mercury — it has an easier time crossing the blood-brain barrier.”

    here is a study from the University of Calgary on what mercury ((methyl AND ethyl)) does with your mind\

    **** i’m sorry if you are not allowed to post links i think it is important for people to make informed decisions about swine flu

  • EdmanThunder

    read up on it (sorry again for double posting >_<)

  • cindy

    Why is this information not being reported here in the US on local news, cable news, world news or in our national and local newspapers. They don’t want you to know the truth about the dangers associated with this Swine flu vaccine and what is happening in Europe especially in the Ukraine!!! (links on Rense website)

    ***WHO Silence on Ukraine Sequences Raises Pandemic Concerns(Recombinomics Commentary 19:01)
    November 9, 2009***

    ***Reported Ukraine Fatalities Increase To 155
    Recombinomics Commentary 02:08
    November 9, 2009***

    969,247 Influenza/ARI
    48,972 Hospitalized
    155 Dead

  • Raven

    Do Flu Shots Work? Ask a Vaccine Maker…

    This is a recorded phone call to a vaccine maker. The caller asks questions about mercury and how well the flu shot actually works. When asked if she personally takes the vaccine.. well hear for your self. Its actually funny how she hesitated to respond but listen to her response.

  • Pete Provo

    This is a load of scaremongering twaddle. Of course people are not dying from the vaccine, if they were the health services would not be using it. I’m sure this won’t appear on these webpages but I may as well write it.

  • c-dawg
  • Jessica O

    I am 13 weeks pregnant and am recommended by my ob-gyn to get the h1n1 vaccine and am not sure wether or not it will be safe for my baby or me. i have read dozens of sites and still not convinced on either end. I would like to hear from another prenant woman who has or had not had the vaccine and give me their views on the situation

  • Nicole

    Sad to hear that there are few more reported cases of death on H1N1 swine flu vaccine all over Europe. I believe people should be educated about vaccines first before they try and go for immunization.

  • Swine flu vaccine alternative

    Don’t take these vaccines!!! I was paralyzed my the “76” Swine flu shot! Don’t take it!!! Go natural and protect yourself from these viruses,bacterias,germs and cancers!! Please check this out!

  • Anette

    Hey you guys know that the dead numbers are the same as any else vaccine?!? Those just aren’t told out to the world…
    And when you think about the whole population of some country and after what are the numbers of dead 1 procent? Or even lower it is..
    And you in Finland we hav’ only that vaccine that can kill those who are allergic to eggs just because finnish congress decided to save some money!!
    And first of all that company who develop that vaccine were hav’ to pressure some country’s (like Finland) to buy that vaccine.

    I know ppl can paralyze and die on that vaccine but really it’s the same thing than other vaccines it’s just havn’t yet been studied so much…
    I wouldn’t want to take that ‘cauze the fear of spikes but after all I hav astma and just couple weeks ago I had bronchitis and because of that I was hav to be in breathing facility so think of that how damaging H1N1 can be to ppl like me..

  • ct

    Here is a site for those who still use their brains and want good sources: No shills for Big Pharma need apply here. On this website, the CDC’s dishonesty is put out for the public to see. Government doesn’t care about your health and safety–nor do the pharmaceutical companies. There is big money to be made off of vaccinations–and especially illness.

  • Eric

    I don’t know about other countries, but in Canada many are also suggesting that most people who eventually come in the hospitals with serious complications do to the H1N1 virus get a Tamiflu shot which is an anti viral medecine to supposedly help fight the virus. In his opinion, a great number of initial news reports stated something to the effect that “even with the help of Tamiflu, the patient didn’t make it”. But they do not question that medication, they simply put it in a way to show that even with the “great” medicine, the virus is so strong that it will kill you! Where in effect Tamiflu might of been the cause of death! That medeication has been banned in JApan which was the biggest user worldwide! Strangely, since that was exposed, the media do not report information on Tamiflu anymore. And I encourage you to get information about the company who comercializes Tamiflu (GI Lead) and it’s former CEO… Does the name Donald Rumsfeld ring any bell??

  • Steve Michaels

    Whilst it is true that the vaccines being tested my the NIH do not contain Thimerisol or Squalene, Panderix DOES. Don’t be fooled! The NIH is testing apples and giving the public oranges and saying that the testing is proving safe when it’s not even the same product!! Don’t believe me, look at this: Particularly question 9. If you get the vaccine, YOU are the guinea pig!!

  • kelly

    Hello Pete Provo! What is ‘scaremongering twaddle’? This blog entry does not seem to be so. Here are brief details of the deaths reported to the Swedish Medical Products Agency in Läkemedelsverket:

    1. On Oct 22nd 2009, a 50 year-old man – with serious heart conditions – died 12 hours after h1n1 shots. It’s reported that he had had multiple heart attacks before passing away.
    2. On the same day, a 65-year-old woman died.
    3. A 90-year-old woman – with acute muscle disease – died after receiving the vaccine (reported by newspaper Expressen).
    4. On October 24th 2009, a 74 year-old woman in northern Sweden – with lungs and heart disease – died 4 days after receiving the swine flu vaccine.
    5. A man in Västernorrland, Sweden has died after being vaccinated with the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix (with live adjuvants).

    5 deaths in Sweden is NOT fairy tale. WAKE UP!

  • Ken in Dublin, Ireland

    I don’t trust any of the pro-vaccination shills here.

    There is too much information demonstrating the dangers of these vaccines versus the dangers of the Swine flu virus.

    I know of no one who has had the Swine flu, and I will gladly risk the tiny chance of catching the flu and letting my natural defences deal with it rather than volunteer to be potentially poisoned by unscrupulous, profiteering pharmaceutical companies.

    Shame on you pro-vaccination lie mercenaries.

  • Lou

    “In the US, the vaccines DO NOT have adjuvants.”

    Well we were told no adjuvants. But our government has purchased hundreds of millions of dollars of the deadly squalene oil adjuvants. Canada, who is receiving the deadly squalene in their “vaccinations”, is mixing the oil based squalene containing adjuvants with the antigens AT the VACCINATION SITE. There are reports this is happening in the US also. Ask, demand to read the vaccination fact sheet at least one day before you allow the needle into your precious blood.

    If any good good is to come out of this perhaps the greatest political disaster in our history it will be the realization that almost EVERYTHING we have been told by “the authorities” about “vaccination” is a lie.

    The “authorities” have know of the simple common sense rule that you DO MOT vaccinate pregnant women for decades. They KNOW you do not vaccinate pregnant women with an untested “vaccination”, it is so stated on the vaccine circular. They KNOW you do not take an IMMENSE risk for almost NO reward.

    Something is VERY wrong folks the hundreds of good PhDs at CDC are being overridden by upper level political management.


  • Lou

    “Koch made the first vaccine for tuberculosis. He called the vaccine tuberculin. In Berlin alone, 2000 patients were inoculated with tuberculin. Unfortunately they died at a higher rate than TB patients who hadn’t been treated at all. Tuberculin simply did not work. More distressing for Koch was the admission by the Prussian government that they’d made an exclusive agreement with Koch to sell the remedy and divide the profits. Not only was this a political disaster for the Prussian government and for Koch himself, but it was an embarrassment for the cause of scientific medicine when all the prestige of the scientific method suddenly suffered this blow. Koch never recovered his credibility and is remembered today only for his “Postulates.” But Koch helped set the stage for the marriage of science and marketing, for which divorce does not appear likely any time soon, especially at present.” The Doctor Within,

    Note NOTHING has changed in the last two hundred years. These exclusive agreements have been codified into a bureaucracy. The CDC is at it’s higher political levels an arm of the Rockefeller vaccination empire. The facts about “vaccination” have been hidden and distorted. Perhaps we forget that the Rockefeller family are strong eugenicists who believe the world is overpopulated. We should not forget this.

    Google “Simpsonwood CDC” and learn how the CDC held a secret meeting with every “vaccine” manufacturer and conspired how to change the data from a massive multi-year study which showed absolutely that vaccination DID cause significant neurological damage. After they changed the data to show what they desired, they destroyed the original data from this expensive study. Folks I am no lawyer but to me this constitutes premeditated statistical murder.

    If we had an honest government every one connected with this ILLEGAL cabal would be fired or delicensed and hopefully imprisoned. The results of this single meeting will result IMO in the deaths and mutilation of so many of our children it sickens me.

  • Alicia

    It is hard to know what to believe, but here are some things to consider. I am pregnant, and upon my first visit to my midwifery center I was handed a paper urging me to get the H1N1 vaccine, because supposedly pregnant women are at a very high risk of getting the virus. The statistic I was given is that approximately 6% of all H1N1 deaths have been pregnant women. Another statistic I have heard is that less than HALF of 1% of all people who have contracted the actual virus have died or become very seriously ill. This number does not tell us how many of those people were in some way immunocompromised to begin with. Okay, now consider the actual percentage of ALL people, including pregnant women, who have actually CONTRACTED this virus, with or without the vaccine. It’s a small percentage. They’ve predicted that 60% of the US population could become infected, but so far that prediction seems really sketchy, as I can tell you right now fewer than probably 1% of the people I KNOW have been infected: one of the very few people I know who HAS been infected is also pregnant, and she recovered with no complications after only a few days, having never gotten the vaccine (which means she and her child will likely both have immunity to this particular strand of the flu forevermore). Okay, so what all of this tells me is that my chance of getting the swine flu at ALL is fairly slim, and that if I do by some chance get it (even though I’m on pre-natal vitamins which include absurd amounts of Vitamin D and don’t generally spend a lot of time in crowded public places), my chance of actually getting seriously ill or dying from it is still pretty damn slim, even though I am, indeed, a pregnant woman. Remember, the 6% statistic is in relation to how many of the people who have died have been pregnant women, not how many people who’ve contracted the illness have died.

    Now, I CANNOT tell you what the risk to me or my baby would be if I got the VACCINE, because NO long term studies have been done on this matter. NO ONE seems to have a solid statistic on how many people have reported ill effects from the vaccine. But history tells us that vaccines don’t have the greatest track record, and the last swine flu vaccine they handed out in the seventies had some very real, very dangerous side effects. So without any solid information on the matter and some sketchy history, I’m going to go with the VERY good odds that in the next five months my child and I will NOT be seriously harmed by H1N1. Because those odds make sense to me. The lack of solid information on the other end doesn’t give me any odds at all.

  • Steph

    Guillan-Barre is known to follow a virus as well as a vaccine. But if you are afraid of side effects from the vaccine, don’t get vaccinated. As a matter of fact, let’s take this a step further.

    Encourage everybody to avoid flu vaccines.

    Next, encourage everybody to avoid all vaccines.

    Next, diseases that have not caused epidemics for decades will reappear. Measles, Mumps, German Measles, Whooping Cough, Diphtheria, Tetanus. We KNOW the side effects of those!

    And don’t give me a line of bull that those hawking “natural” treatments are not trying to make a buck. I am not any sort of member of so called “Big Pharm.” As a registered nurse, I fully believe that many medications are over-prescribed. However, in this case I feel this web site is irresponsible to the point of being criminal, trying to convince people that you can avoid these diseases by using herbs and spices.

  • Sean

    my mom got the H1n1 shot saturday, and was in bed with a feven saturday night. she has been diagnosed with the virus. this is the second “coincidence” that I know of personally. Why is this not being reported.

  • Karen

    I suggest anyone pregnany wondering whether to get the vaccine or not take a look at this:
    Women all over the country are miscarrying healthy babies after getting flu vaccines.

    While vaccines are useful for some conditions, this is not the case with the flu. And clearly, we need to change the way we do vaccinations in this country, especially where children are concerned.
    But no woman should lose her baby because of this.

  • Arek

    You have my permission to use this image on your site who ever is running this. made by me
    (email me if you want it modify to say something i’l take of my created by too 🙂

  • Standing_Bear

    So much for “Freedom Of The Press,” you know that Constitutional guarantee that the Government will not prevent US citizens from knowing what is going on around us. On the other hand, this would mean BIG PHARMA would have to fess up to the fact that their drugs are WORTHLESS, and a danger to the public’s health. That would mean a loss of billions, and that is the most important thing here, the MONEY.

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  • http://nil karen

    i got the H1N1 shot on December 3rd and i’m still having problems with my arm. It is very red and irritated and very sore, i don’t use this arm to pick up anything. Is this something i should talk to my doctor about. Thank you for any and all advice

  • Daniel

    I know my comment is fairly late, Im just starting to prepare for a propable new 2010 scare of the H1N1 and found this article. I live in Sweden and I followed the 2009 hype very closely and tried to convince all my friends and relatives that it was a hoax. Unfortunately the propaganda in Sweden was really big, and I realized we do not live in a democracy (nor does hardly any country any more…) and therefore I didnt succeed with persuading many of my close ones.
    Now to the point; the number of people who where suspected to have died from the vaccine was higher than 5, I think it was at least 9 or 10 when they stopped reporting about it, which they stopped with very early (like late september or october). AND more important is that each and every week the headlines said something like – woman died from Swineflu, DESPITE of vaccination!! What a joke – no one questioned that maybe it was the vaccination that killed him or her! Stupidity! To me it was obvious!!
    One example was that two elderly people at a home for old people died the night after vaccination. Two persons! And the nurses said it was strange cause none of them were sick. Isnt that strange? One week later the official report said one of them died from heartattack and the other one from something else, ridiculous…

    Another report i read was that a pregnant girl came to her doctor and said she couldnt feel her baby move, and he had always moved every day. The doctor said she was the fourth pregnant woman that same day that complained about just that (she was vaccinated a couple of days before, so was the others).

    The whole thing is horrible, I really hope people wake up this year after 2009s failure!

    Daniel from Sweden

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