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Green Living As A Factor For Life Insurance Companies

Green living will not only improve a person’s health, it can lower health insurance rates as well. Being active through exercise and other forms of activity help keep our bodies strong, fit and resistant to disease. Along with physical activity, a person must eat healthy and wise. Organic foods are one of the best ways to ensure high quality food with many nutrients, and little additives.  Recent studies show that processed foods high in preservatives and other chemicals are dangerous to our health. Rates regarding cancer, obesity and even mental disorders have all been linked to poor quality foods. One of the best things a person can do is eat high quality organic food. This includes free range meats with no antibiotics, that are fed a natural diet. Also necessary are fruits and vegetables high in vitamins and minerals that have not been treated with insecticides.

Choose Organic Foods for Health

Active Lifestyles Improve All Aspects of Life

While being able to run a marathon is great, it isn’t a requirement for being fit. Being fit means that a body is healthy, doesn’t carry too much excess weight and is capable of completing moderately intensive activity. To achieve this, a person needs to make an effort to move around. Go outside for a walk, take the stairs, hike, bike, clean the house or anything that will keep the body active.

Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Not only will a person feel great for staying in shape and eating right, there are many socioeconomic benefits. Healthy people are less likely to be injured, are better at making and maintaining long lasting relationships and often get better health insurance rates. Health insurance for individuals is based on many different factors, but lifestyle is one of the most important. The more green living one does, the lower their insurance rate should be.

Maintain Constant Awareness

Sometimes, the ingredients in our food can be misleading. Something as benign sounding as “natural flavors” may actual be mostly MSG, an excitotoxin. Individuals should also be aware of pollutants in their environment. Avoid second hand smoke, vehicle exhausts and smog. By excluding as many toxins from our lives as possible, our chances of achieving optimal health increase significantly.

Insurance companies look at a variety of factors when determining an individual’s rates. Since lifestyle is usually the most important, being fit and healthy will go a long way in keeping rates low. Not only does this allow for affordable medical insurance rates, it reduces the need to use the policy. Through healthy living and preventative check ups, a person greatly enhances their potential longevity. It’s easy to start being green by initially making small choices that eventually become a lifestyle.

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