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Go Organic To Lose Weight

Everybody is talking about organic diet, organic clothes, organic treatments and organic everything. Well, almost. Has anyone ever really tried to understand what organic means? The simple answer to it is that which is naturally grown without using any inducers is Organic. Nowadays plants and vegetables are genetically engineered and given hormonal injections to accelerate their growth. Due to this the vegetables grow faster and the yield from the plant is also more. But the soil as well as the plant lose its nutrients and are not usable for the next growth cycle.  Moreover the artificially grown vegetables and fruits lose natural nutrients and are also poor in taste. Though they look attractive and their colors are appealing to the eyes, eating these artificially pumped with hormone veggies and fruits make us humans obese and we get all sorts of diseases. The recent epidemic of bird flu is an example.

Be Natural

More and more people are going the natural way. Growing your own vegetables with manure made of cow dung and tea leaves will aid in growing natural vegetables and fruits. Organic manure can be made with dried leaves, cow dung, vegetable and fruits peel and used tea leaves and etc. In fact you can also make manure through vermiculture. This is good organic manure that will help the plants to grow well. If you’ve a backyard, grow vegetables in it. Many people go to a gym to work out or use products like Flex Belt and TRX training to lose weight. The effort you put to till the soil and plant the veggies will be a good form of exercise to lose weight. It is interesting to note that farmers who work in the farm are less prone to diabetes. Growing your own herbs and shrubs to add in your diet can make your meal well flavored as well as give you a feel of accomplishment. Besides physical exercise, growing organic vegetable on your own can help you mentally as well.

Helps to keep depression at bay

Gardening helps to get rid of depression too. The weeding helps to weed out negative thoughts from your mind; the sowing and seeing the plant grow helps to keep your mind fresh and active. Watering plants daily nurtures positive thoughts and tending to plants is an amazing way to keep stress and tension at bay.

The physical exercise of growing your own fruits and vegetables in your garden will be a good work out as well as help you to maintain a sickness free life.  Some of the easily grown vegetables are tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, spinach and herbs like holy basil, mustard, mint and cilantro.

Advantages of organic diet

Apart from cooked food, the most nutritious, tasty and wholesome food is salads. You save on fuel too. A dash of lemon juice replaces salt in your salads and balances your blood pressure and supplies the needed calcium too.  Organic beans and chick pea are high in protein and a flavored sauce made of home grown tomatoes dried in sun is an ideal base for the organic chick pea. Garnish it with mint leaves and cilantro and you’ll see happy faces at the dinner table.

Sandra Wade is part of a team who make available flex belt coupon code and trx coupon on their website.  As a health and fitness enthusiast she often writes on other blogs to share her views. She is on the look out for coupons and discounts for Flex Belt and TRX training besides other products on the internet.

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