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Do We Want to Live Longer?

Do We Want to Live Longer? By Dave Webb

Why we age . . .

I started studying how long we live about 20 years ago. I was about 50. Don’t really remember when it started. I guess it started when it began effecting me personally. We are all going to die of one thing or another within about 120 years. But how much of that life is quality life and how much is hanging on in misery and ill health? I believe the answer to that question is pertinent to all of us.

I have always been fascinated with the historical record of humanity in the Bible. We started out as a creation from God and his court. We were created in “their” image. That is the clue. We were artificially created, not evolved as part of the regular creation on Earth.

The second clue is in the story of “Eve”. Originally, the myths of the Jewish People refer to Adam’s mate as a person named Lilith. Or some such name. The myth describes a woman that rebelled against God and all of her children were condemned by God because of this rebellion. The myth described the eradication of this entire line of humanity. It isn’t in the Bible itself. “Eve”, was created using the cells of a rib from Adam. I suggest it might have been a cell and it was converted to an egg cell. That cell was then like the cloned sheep in England. It rapidly grew into a young woman that stopped at the age of Adam. How long this took is never mentioned in the Bible. It could have happened with advanced knowledge overnight. We really do not know. I am assuming that it was a natural event. I might be wrong. It could have been a thing done in a lab. I am saying the evidence is contradictory and the jury is still out. I give credit to the story of Lilith because of the description of creation. It says he created all of them, male and female. Nothing says it did not originally occur that way with Adam as well.

Ageing was a curse. It started with the taking of a forbidden fruit from a tree in Eden. At least that is the story in Genesis. My own experience indicates the story is probably true. The problem is not the story. The problem is the story is incomplete. It is over-simplified. We are dealing with intricacies of language translation. English is not an exact language. It evolved as a trade language incorporating many other languages. English commonly has 3-50 different interpretations of meaning.

This is relevant because we are taking a scientific approach where ever possible. The book of Genesis is very revealing in many ways. I find it fascinating. I am describing my own belief system here and nothing I say should be taken as complete truth or fact. It is speculation.

For instance, it also describes an event where a people known as the “sons of God” and the daughters of mankind, had intercourse and had many mixed breed children. That is also fascinating. In the books of Enoch, it describes genocide of that mixed species in the flood of Noah. It describes the rebellion of these “sons” against God.

What is important is six generations or so into the development of mankind, the entire species was killed off with the exception of Noah and his family including his sons and their wives.

The other important thing is the longevity of mankind. They are describing people living to be 700-950 some years. Other sources tell me the original year was 360 days. Not 365+ days like we have now. Every four years we make a one day correction in leap year. That probably means we were slightly closer to the Sun in those days. How much closer I do not know. I think the change occurred in the time of Joshua. But that is speculation based on events in the Bible.

With Noah, the lifespan drastically reduced. The original statement is it came down to 120 years. That is a substantial reduction in lifespan. I suspect we were also reproducing far too quickly and living way too long for the Earth to support us. So the lifespan was adjusted down.

I suggest these “sons of God” were real. I suggest that these “sons” had very long lifespans. So much so, that they were considered immortal by the human race.

When I was growing up, it was assumed that we had 48 chromosomes like the rest of the classification “ape family”. To the embarrassment of the entire “evolution” scientists, we do not have 48 chromosomes. What we do have is 2 chromosomes that are double the size of the rest and it is reproducing that way. We have 46 chromosomes. The evidence indicates a genetic manipulation of staggering proportions. Someone took humanity and altered the programming in the chromosomes and genes to produce us. Translated, that means that humanity was “created” not evolved. Most scientists in that area are embarrassed by the “facts” and refuse to discuss it openly. Their tenure is probably at risk.

It makes me question the chronology of humanity. Currently scientists think mankind as we know it occurred around 225,000 years ago. This is based on Carbon 14 dating and other things. So exactly when did Adam and Eve live? That is a question no one knows the answer to. Our Biblical records have been added up by a very diligent Bishop in the 18th or 19th century. He came up with a number of approximately 6-7 thousand years. Yet there are records in India that supposedly go back 20,000 years. And it doesn’t really stop there. Pre-flood civilizations recorded on stone. We think the flood occurred somewhere around 11,000 B.C. That is subject to change. It is speculation.

What we found out from the cloned sheep was very strange. The cloned sheep rapidly aged. Until it reached the age of its mother. Then it aged normally. What they found out was in our cells there is a natural clock. That clock determines how fast you age. Each time a cell reproduces it loses data in that clock. Eventually the data reaches critical lack. We age. We deteriorate. We die.

Cancer cells commonly do not age. The clock has been stopped. It is not uncommon in cultures for a cancer cell cluster to last 12 to 14 times longer than a normal cell. That means that we could be immortal. It depends on stopping the clock from losing data.

Another thing that occurs in ageing is the reduction of endoctrinal gland production of hormones and enzymes. This is what causes Gray hair. And wrinkles, and a lot of the other symptoms of ageing. I have traced that back to the signal gland in the brain. It eventually signals the endoctrinal glands less and less. The signal chemical is DHEA. So gradually increasing the DHEA in our bodies can retard ageing by up to 20 or 30 years.

It is risky. It could produce cancers. But one lab animal, a german shepherd had a natural lifespan of about 12 years. It was injected at age 11. It was artificially kept alive with DHEA injections until the age of 19. It was allowed to die because of the extreme pain of arthritis. Otherwise it might have gone on and lived to 25 or more years. The function of the DHEA is to signal the 7 endoctrinal glands to continue to produce instead of gradually going away. All the signs of ageing disappeared when the animal was injected over a 3 month period of time.

This DHEA is only one line of research. It is a mild alteration.

India is virtually vegetarian. They also spice their food. Tumeric is a large part of their agenda. They have a record of only 3% or less cancers in the general population. The spices give them long lives.

There is evidence that historically they breed leaders. The leaders were given a poison from one of the 2,500 coral plants in the ocean. They went into a high fever. Some died. Some lived. It was determined by the exact calculation of the dose of this poison. The ones that lived quit ageing. They went into some kind of metamorphis of the cells. This is in the ancient Sanscrit records. I have this information second hand from an obscure book. If it is true, the ageing program in our genes can be manipulated and stopped.

We know why ageing occurs. We know there are chemicals to slow it down.

We know that calorie restriction has that effect. A chemical in wine, Resvertrol has that effect also.

Robert Heinlein was known as the “father of Modern Science Fiction”. He suggested in his books that we breed longevity back into the human species. He suggested breeding long lived people . With our current knowledge that is possible.

The mystery of Noah was that after the genocide by flood, mankind lived almost 1/10th the time it did before the flood. A lot of scientists think that is just a story. I think we need to re-examine that with the light of new discoveries. I think we were genetically changed to live a lot shorter lifespans.

I also think there are political and social factors here. If people live longer, then we better be thinking what are we going to do with them? Social Security, pensions, all depend on people dying before they collect any substantial sums of money. I think we have to put those people back to work and off the old age pensions.

Again, there is a problem. Longevity does not necessarily mean staying young mentally. It might mean a lot more mentally deficient people in nursing homes. That is expensive. I believe we all ready have a lot of the answers to people living a lot longer. The question is how do we deal with the consequences?

(authored by Dave Webb)